Can Black Lives Matter & Law Enforcement See Eye To Eye?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 16, 2018
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  • Bryson Batch

     2 months ago

    See that female officer! Now that’s the kinda women that is the PERFECT police officer. By the end of the video the black dude eyes were softened by her compassion. More cops like her!!!

  • Professor Knox


    Mike Balderston Finally another sensible person.

  • Professor Knox


    Bryson Batch Most officers are like that.

  • GamingBaller

     2 months ago

    Why they keep making the woman officer walk every time 😂

  • Ugh I forgot my name

     8 days ago

    Id lows tap that tho

  • Megawatts 4488

     11 days ago

    They didnt want anyone to look privileged. If she was black she could have stayed there.

  • Ty Meadors

     8 days ago

    This discussion would have been great had there been a black police officer to give his or her perspective.

  • Arianna Russo

     3 months ago

    The white guy in the white shirt did a great job of changing the subject every time

  • Gimli SonOfGloin

     3 days ago

    Don't bother

  • Stunna2k18

     11 months ago

    I’m not knocking him, I’m just saying that I haven’t seen anyone wear their hat to the side since 2007

  • Frederico D'Andrade

     17 days ago


  • Jade B.

     27 days ago

    when she said “i don’t feel afraid for my life a citizen but at work i do and that’s a choice i made”

  • Yameeka Harper


    Bryan Bryan what tactic ? Do you not have access to the news or to history black men and women have been killed based off of their skin complexion look up emmitt till and his story and ask his lineage if that is a tactic. Your attitude is a tactic to continue to project a negative rhetoric on black people to justify the inhuman treatment we receive in this country. The same way some can’t understand what it is to be an officer you can not understand what it is to be black. Please educate yourself and s...

  • SuperBlue BloodMoon

     2 months ago

    Both of the white women actually understand.

  • GeLa

     4 days ago

    @Kayla Kelly Uhmm no. I have different justice. When I was a kid I did tell the teachers about tbese bullying but all they do is talk to the kids and the kids just do it again. I did change school (private to public school) but I still got beat up everyday 3 years. 4th grade to 6th grade however became mental torture to me. Everyone agrees to anyone except me. So if someone says I a rapist everyone would believe I'm a rapist and since im a new kid, the teach would believe it. I get filed a case and all...

  • Kayla Kelly

     4 days ago

    @GeLa also, I realise now that you said straight Male, and not white. I apologize if I assumed.

  • T. K.

     3 months ago

    Jubilee, I don't appreciate all the editing. Please at least post the unedited versions as an option for us.

  • MadnessInSerenity

     9 days ago

    I find in these videos it's more they cut off after someone's made a point/statement, and before there is any discussion. It just hangs there, and onto the next question. It's unfulfilling, I want to see the debate.

  • T. K.

     12 days ago

    @Bryan No, transparency should always be the number one objective. If people aren't civil then it makes their argument look weak. Let's see it all. Should at least be the option to view these without the editing/censoring.

  • Luna Grace

     1 months ago

    I really loved when the man for black lives matter said that a white officer from a black community would be more effective than a black officer from another community. I thought that was just really looking past skin color and connecting to the community instead of just looking at skin color. I also think that the woman police officer was very smart and educated when speaking and was really strong, but also very open and not judging.

  • Sara

     20 days ago

    YES! This, so much this!!

  • Jordan Grant

     20 days ago

    Luna Grace yeah he was totally bringing it past skin color I love it.

  • Lo Low

     7 months ago

    I’m not racist*i hate everyone equally*

  • Alexis

     19 hours ago

    @Beefy Steak do u even know what racist means... lol

  • I am a sarcastic 2


    Beefy Steak That is not racist nor quirky she/he did not say anything racist or said "I hate a certain race". She/he I believe they didn't try to be quirky I mean there are different people that hate humanity.For different reasons including me, In other words your statement didn't make any sense.