Can Black Lives Matter & Law Enforcement See Eye To Eye?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 16, 2018
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  • kittysrock16


     9 hours ago

    !!! Props to the blonde lady for using her privilege to stand up for oppressed people. That’s how you use your privilege

  • Micah Swaby

    Micah Swaby

     22 hours ago

    This gave me chills! Everyone should see this video and people need to wake up about things happening around our country. We can’t just be as blind as the law enforcement officer in the white shirt because clearly he’s missing the points but the blonde law enforcement officer and the bald guy really are moving to listen to!

  • Dante DiBello

    Dante DiBello

     yesterday +1

    To the public defense attorneys don’t ever put words in somebody’s mouth especially a dead role model

  • SummerRocks50



    I agree that the term for the Black Lives Matter movement should not be changed to All Lives Matter, but rather recognize that it does apply primarily to black people. That being said I believe it does apply to all lives, others of importance being hispanic (or any poc) or muslim lives. Same thing can happen to them. Recognize that.

  • Jacob Critch

    Jacob Critch

     yesterday +1

    So divided and racially segregated still , sad

  • Quinn Reverance

    Quinn Reverance


    The only criticism I have for BLM is their generalization of Law Enforcement. I really liked that one bald BLM supporter guy, his points were very intelligent and articulate.

  • Mike Mac

    Mike Mac


    When a cop is driving behind me I signal, don't speed too. Huh.

  • Joshua Rathbun

    Joshua Rathbun

     yesterday +1

    black lives don't even matter to other black lives, so why should the rest of us care?

  • Holy Shit

    Holy Shit

     yesterday +1

    No lives matter

  • Steff James

    Steff James

     yesterday +2

    My guy in the white shirt speaking facts

  • Austin Bedwell

    Austin Bedwell


    problem with pulling officers from communities is, they have to actually qualify to be an officer and not a drop out or criminal

  • Zee K

    Zee K

     2 days ago

    I love this. Especially when the black guy got to speaking🙌💯

  • Retjudge


     2 days ago +1

    1:08 should you not make sure you do that all the time while driving? And not when only police is behind you ?

  • Siaji Elisha

    Siaji Elisha

     2 days ago

    That policewoman won my heart with her comment at 10:30 woah

  • Karina Guerra Galvez

    Karina Guerra Galvez

     2 days ago

    I applaud the man representing the BLM.

  • Evan Harris

    Evan Harris

     2 days ago

    Daryl seems like a dick. Don’t be like Daryl.

  • amelia kay

    amelia kay

     2 days ago

    very smart group of people

  • Minnah Badruddin

    Minnah Badruddin

     2 days ago

    That white guy made my blood boil

  • Reyna Ramos

    Reyna Ramos

     2 days ago

    Can y’all make a podcast so i Can listen to this On my way! To work everyday?

  • Kai Schmidt

    Kai Schmidt

     2 days ago +1

    Racism isn't going anywhere as long as it's a liberal media tool and excuse for others. The media uses black people and democrats need them for their politics.
    Thing of it is if we don't figure out how to get over it so we can move forward as a country we will fail and life as we know it will end.
    All of our enemies must enjoy watching all of this. The simple fact that their is such an internal battle to secure our borders speaks volumes.
    By the way I am not a racist....i hate everybody equally based on what you do and not who you are.