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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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  • iPrincess


     a years ago +2569

    Why is Everyone thinking old people cant sing?!?!?

  • Ryan S

    Ryan S

     3 months ago +805

    That preacher left the entire place DEAD SILENT! Such a great voice.

  • can i get 1000 sub w/ 0 videos ?

    can i get 1000 sub w/ 0 videos ?

     4 months ago +1561

    The Granny turned into a rockstar 👀

  • Nathan Ballesteros

    Nathan Ballesteros

     2 months ago +331

    If you are reading this i hope you get rich 💙💰

  • MrSilver2nd


     6 months ago +451

    The priest was delivering the word to us all. Hang on. Dont give up. You are not alone. You are loved. GOD Bless you!

  • ExtremeAlias


     a years ago +1144

    When Simon himself starts a standing ovation...

  • Rezart Kasa

    Rezart Kasa

     3 months ago +424

    That first lady brought down the house, old ladies can be rock stars.

  • alp


     3 months ago +621

    Im glad he didnt sing Losing My Religion lol..

  • BubbleGum


     3 months ago +398

    So you guys just gonna ignore that precious pair of old friends singing together at the end? Okay, they were great tho!

  • Gwen Martinsen

    Gwen Martinsen

     4 months ago +333

    I just love it when Simon smiles that beautiful smile when he's in the presence of talent. He just looks so happy.

  • Girl In The Woods

    Girl In The Woods

     6 months ago +448

    There is nothing better than a supportive Dad. When he gave her the nod, Celine let loose!

  • Q L

    Q L

     6 months ago +216

    The priest was so mesmerizing. Beautiful song with an incredible voice. I also loved the opera duo that was like wow

  • rsmruthless


     3 months ago +133

    Wait... Is that???... GRANDMA WTH ARE YOU DOING

  • hotshot104


     5 months ago +51

    Goosebumps for the priest. Everyone hears the same song but the meanings and messages each person takes away are so different. When you hear someone able to portray all of it through a song; well that’s my favorite music.

  • Michael Scott

    Michael Scott

     5 months ago +81

    That priest one made me sad because maybe he always wanted to be a a singer, but you know, life.

  • Lucas Húpalo Metzler

    Lucas Húpalo Metzler

     3 months ago +98

    To me, most unexpected was the Flower Duet...
    The girls really really NAILED it!

  • Amaretto Punsch

    Amaretto Punsch

     5 months ago +100

    The priest did such a great jobe! One of those voices who can touch the heart



     2 months ago +97

    It was DEAD silent after the priests performance, then when Simon started the standing ovation it made me so happy I almost teared up
    edit: why does this have likes e , E

  • Linda Lulu

    Linda Lulu

     11 months ago +278

    The 2 opera singers are so beautiful and amazing!!!

  • Gra Nastas

    Gra Nastas

     2 months ago +53

    The priest song beautyfully!!! WoW!!!! All singers were good too...