NBA 2K19 moments that make you delete every player off your friends list

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 5, 2019
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  • HonestGuard

     5 months ago

    Who are you 1. Agent002. Agent003. Agent004. Agent005. Agent006. Agent007. Agent008. Agent009. Agent000. Agent00Wow you guys are good

  • SvrnSZN

     2 months ago

    I got 12 ayeee I’m steezo

  • NoLimitBray

     5 months ago

    Owl Pharoah roly*

  • Grinding DF

     5 months ago

    Someone plug me with the word, I need to make my dribble god😤

  • fizz music

     29 days ago


  • Cole Louden

     4 months ago

    RONNIE 2k u missed the layup

  • PoorBoySin

     5 months ago

    “Had to regain my sanity” lmaoooo

  • leegrinds

     5 months ago


  • Kyle #MSDSTRONG '20

     5 months ago

    @PoorBoySin’s Myplayer 😂😂😂

  • Cyclo DF

     5 months ago

    Agent be getting hella creative with his giveaways 💀💀💀

  • ThatGuy Zodak

     5 months ago

    He just be tryna get watch time 😂💯

  • Ahijah Gaming

     5 months ago

    Nobody like u clout chasing mf

  • zr

     5 months ago

    Anyone remember helping brown shirts 2k17🤔💀

  • Michael Mayers

     5 months ago

    I was a brown shirt legend

  • Zatrophious_R

     5 months ago

    Yoooo different color profile pic

  • JayFromTheSix

     5 months ago


  • kxng-cxlture

     5 months ago

    JayFromTheSix fam I need VC bro I got 750 in my inventory how you ain’t gon take VC ? Id be blessed if I even got 10k XD

  • TonyFromTheSix

     5 months ago

    This is why I’m Hollywood and I don’t add anyone 😂

  • Sxmeon

     5 months ago

    ATC Tony who are you

  • Drip LF

     5 months ago

    Yoo TONYYY

  • Slow En3rgy

     5 months ago

    R.I.P 2k17 😢 it was my fav 2kEdit: Nba2k15 And Nba2k16 were also goated

  • Cole Schimmoller

     3 months ago

    I got the secret message

  • GamingWithIsaac

     5 months ago

    Nitro Tristan stfu

  • Qudus Akib

     5 months ago

    i swear every time I blinked I missed a letter

  • Leveon Bell #26 #bestRb #ToElusive GreatestEver

     3 months ago

    How do you know it was there if u blinked

  • SoB Gang

     5 months ago

    Check out my new mypark vid and give me your honest opinion about it. Thanks in advance

  • rocket

     5 months ago

    people can just copy the word that other people found from the comments while having the same chance of winning