Will The Real Captain Marvel Please Stand Up!?

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 3, 2019
  • Captain Marvel epically stands up in every trailer. They were begging for someone to do this....

  • Source: https://youtu.be/S9YnbWh36g4


  • Rafael Rodrigues

    Rafael Rodrigues

     1 months ago


  • LiberalLogic IsAnOxymoron

    LiberalLogic IsAnOxymoron

     1 months ago

    Will the real captain marvel please stand up

    "Carol Danvers stands up"

    Me: No not you cant the fake captain marvel please shut up, you aren't even the real fake captain marvel... That would be Mar-Vell, nah I'm talking about SHAZAM!!!! He's the one and only captain marvel SHAZAM!!!!!!!

  • Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne

     3 months ago

    I watched this while standing up

  • Michael Garcia

    Michael Garcia

     4 months ago

    I hated the trailers, I hated the movie. I love this video

  • Silver Mist

    Silver Mist

     5 months ago +1

    When a 33sec clip is better than studio produced trailer for movie.

  • Akshay Yadav

    Akshay Yadav

     5 months ago

    I didn't see Shazam

  • K-Foglarsson


     6 months ago

    Did you kinda predict Eminems involvement in the Shazam trailer, with "My name is"? Hmm ;)

  • Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne

     6 months ago

    I live for this shyt

  • ladybugmerringue


     6 months ago

    So cool

  • Cesc Solano

    Cesc Solano

     6 months ago

    Funny how Shazam! ended up using an Eminem song

  • CowyGriffon


     6 months ago

    We/re gonna have a problem here∴

  • Mark Cox

    Mark Cox

     6 months ago

    The February vlog brought me here 🤙🏻

  • FurthestStew


     6 months ago

    This better than any of the trailers

  • Mr. Q

    Mr. Q

     6 months ago +1


  • Alan Jukić

    Alan Jukić

     6 months ago +2

    oh this is copystriked...

  • Anjounet Leavell

    Anjounet Leavell

     6 months ago

    This is brilliant!

  • Will Cook VLOGS

    Will Cook VLOGS

     6 months ago


  • Venu Julai

    Venu Julai

     6 months ago

    Captain stand up

  • Jasons Laughter093

    Jasons Laughter093

     6 months ago

    Had to come back to this video because when they had the little clip in the movie of her standing back up time and time again, this came to mind and I almost started cracking up in the theater.

  • tsuki97


     6 months ago +2

    this is funnier after the second shazam trailer