Gordon Ramsay Can't Handle Disgusting BBQ | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 10, 2018
  • Source: https://youtu.be/SHXuOywafCc


  • E46_SuiCide


     10 months ago +4981

    The waitress kept it too real lol gotta love how blunt shorty is.

  • Salar Khan

    Salar Khan

     10 months ago +587

    She is by far the best waiter I have ever seen on kitchen nightmares

  • Emily Claire

    Emily Claire

     8 months ago +179

    "Your name is only on the building" DAMN

  • TXDropEm


     10 months ago +1471

    Drinks Water
    "It's DRY!"

  • Green Okido

    Green Okido

     5 months ago +138

    “They don’t like to peel potatoes”
    Gordon looks on disbelief
    “Well it’s true”

  • Oi Josuke!

    Oi Josuke!

     10 months ago +3590

    "What does that taste of?"
    What a queen.

  • Ray Lopez

    Ray Lopez

     10 months ago +474

    The level of sass in this episode is too damn high lol. Everyone is so sassy

  • Huy Yang

    Huy Yang

     9 months ago +612

    "I don't know too much bout cooking, I don't know too much bout smokin, but I know that ain't right"

  • BrocksHampton


     10 months ago +741

    Waiter: 'cause its bootleg
    Gordon: Sipping tea Bootleg?

  • Conan Edogawa

    Conan Edogawa

     10 months ago +497

    I like how the waitress always say hmmmm and hmmm and hmmmmmmm.

  • Apple Adam

    Apple Adam

     10 months ago +2925

    Im on a kitchen nightmare streak in the middle of the night someone help me

  • Feta Cheezz

    Feta Cheezz

     10 months ago +3161

    Nino always smokes his wings every morning and has pictures of him smoking and cleaning afterwards to prove it!
    Nino would smoke the wings in front of Gordon if he had to.

  • ruby july

    ruby july

     8 months ago +131


  • Jordan Lew

    Jordan Lew

     10 months ago +152

    2:46 me when I pull up to a drive thru speaker and they ask me what I’d like

  • J.A.M


     10 months ago +117

    That waitress is literally me every second of my educational experience

  • Donald Fucking Trump

    Donald Fucking Trump

     10 months ago +2589

    I ain’t a chef
    Ya ur names only on the building get it right
    Damn 😂😂

  • Jessica Lee

    Jessica Lee

     10 months ago +206

    i can’t believe a black owned business has
    such disgraceful soul food im embarrassed

  • Ryan Kim

    Ryan Kim

     7 months ago +28

    Gordon: “Sit down and close your eyes”
    Quick cut to waitress
    Waitress: “What the hell”

  • Otaku Shouko Gaming

    Otaku Shouko Gaming

     8 months ago +62

    Gordon: "what's that taste like?"
    Todesha: "Nasty."

  • Baller44


     10 months ago +51

    I love how honest the waiter is she’s so funny