11 vs 1: Rating Guys by Looks & Personality

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 2, 2019
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/SNXhfvDE1aQ


  • Heba A

     1 months ago

    when your looks a 3 but your personality is a 9

  • Alika Kianga

     15 hours ago

    Nobody ever fell in love with a picture

  • Riku {small} { tsundere }{ male }{ neko }


    Heba A your profile pick explains everything

  • Ethan B

     15 days ago

    Let’s be honest, none of these guys were actually listening to music

  • Hannibal

     6 days ago

    Grilled Fish and steak You may have just not been his type. Some people are attractive but not always someone’s type.

  • Cool Kid

     9 days ago

    Phankitty there’s such thing as wireless, DUMBASS!!!!!!!

  • Connor Kearns

     16 days ago

    my man was trying to find a financially stable partner with credit scores

  • The Sufi M.D

     2 days ago

    SkyOfStorms So, I don’t have a credit score, because I just pay for everything, I live in the UK, but there are a lot of things like getting an internet hub, including taking a mortgage for a house that they wont let me do without a credit score. Huge bummer.

  • Moxii

     3 days ago

    Whatever that dude seems like a huge cocky dbag

  • Peter D

     13 days ago

    This girls requirements:-be tall-be nice -like bread

  • Diego Glez Vazq

     13 hours ago

    @mackscreativeness112 yeah but atleasy she has some room to talki u like other girls that arent the best looking

  • Kylie kk

     14 hours ago

    @CFB Highlights unnecessary boo, unnecessary.

  • Fatabeans Oi oi

     13 days ago

    No one:That one guy: nOt tO FLeX oR AnYtHing buT my CreDiT ScoRe is 720

  • che b

     21 hours ago

    @glow Bro chill, you dont even know that dude

  • Kelly Wilson


    I laughed so much😂

  • Matej Velican

     1 months ago

    "I usually date guys taller than me"*Picks shortest guy**Shortest guy is still 5cm taller than her*

  • devin leyba


    Gotta share this with the bagel man

  • ArmaZonia


    So true omg

  • Brandon Reyes

     17 days ago

    "Im not trying to flex but my credit score is 720"😂😂

  • Number Eight

     3 days ago

    Because he's mgtow and keeps his cash.

  • I am a loaf of Bread

     4 days ago

    Yeah score of 9,000

  • Sophie Abrams

     2 days ago

    “He has to be taller than me,”*stands up, shortest guy in line is still taller*


     16 days ago

    “Do you like stranger things?” I knew you looked familiar 😂😂😂

  • Ariel


    He’s like a Walmart version, joe Keery is so much more cuter lol

  • brittany leigh

     4 days ago

    Steve is way cuter

  • Axe-Messiah

     8 days ago

    Looks and personality should have been combined for the winner

  • Esrom


    Its should have been Mr yeet

  • Moxii

     3 days ago

    Agreed, it should have been.