10 Technologies That Changing Humans Life Completely

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 28, 2021
  • 10 Technologies That Changing Humans Life Completely

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    10 technologies that are changing human lives completely
    Today's advanced technology would appear like sheer magic to medieval or prehistoric
    humans. Technology has made our lives, only God knows how many times, faster and
    easier than our forefathers. To date, the ever advancing technologies are changing our lives
    in the most innovative, convenient and utilitarian way. Today, we will be looking at 10 such
    technologies that are changing human lives completely. Let's then take a short look at the
    top 10 technologized magical wonders of our life.
    Number 10:
    AI Artistry
    Artificial intelligence or AI is the implementation of systems and machines that allow them to
    analyze their environment and automatically take action to maximize their success. You will
    find AI everywhere, it's in the online shopping you do, autonomous transports and car
    parkings, snapchat and instagram filters you use but this particular use of AI we are talking
    about is equally amazing and somewhat uncanny.
    In 2019, the skolkovo institute of science and technology launched an algorithm to
    automatically transform the face of a picture into a moving video. The algorithm uses marker
    points on source images; it then first constructs a virtual 3D model then fills the gaps
    allowing it to show the face from all angles it has to be seen. More the images, the better the
    quality but can still produce effects from a single image. The algorithm has experimented on
    legends like Albert Einstein, Mona Lisa and successful living portraits of them have been
    Although the technology is still in infancy and has produced incredible results, deep fake
    videos of celebrities, political leaders and legends is a serious implication as it can ruin their
    reputation in minutes because it gives an extremely real impression to the video.
    Number 9:
    Eco-friendly Transport in China
    There was a time when China was highly criticized for its pollutive activities of coal mining
    and other industrial activities but then the country gained momentum to actively increase its
    eco-friendly activities. It invested heavily in the health sector and also replaced pollutive
    activities with eco-friendly measures, one of which was eco-friendly transport. According to
    Bloomberg, production of electric busses in China is now booming with 9500 electric busses
    produced every 5 weeks in the country's factories. Some of the buses are even unmanned.
    Eco-friendly transport has great potential in terms of sustainability. There are 3 million buses
    in the world out of which 400,000 are electrical and 99 percent of them are manufactured in
    Number 8:
    Fire Sound
    Around the planet, deadly fires have always created devastating economic, infrastructural
    and potential life losses. Battling such uncontrollable wildfires is always problematic due to
    high human life risks. The best way is then to turn to technology. Lately, humans have used
    water and sometimes sand to extinguish fires but now we can use sound to control and put
    out wildfires. Sounds ….mmmm ridiculous right?

    No it's not. Technology offers a very promising solution to the once deemed impossible task
    of controlling wildfires with sound waves; a way which may prove more efficient and more
    useful than all other previous methods. It's called fire sound which may appear ominous
    flying saucer at first look but it is a floating disc drone that flies and steers over an area with
    powerful exhaust fans underneath it to pull in air through the intakes along its edges. With its
    thermal camera and control scanners, it hovers over areas to sense fire and extinguish it
    with its extremely low-frequency sound waves.
    This magic device works by blasting sound waves of 30 to 60 Hz onto the flames and the
    high power, low-frequency sound waves cause the air particles to move away from fire,
    halting a steady supply of oxygen to the things burning. With less oxygen, the fire struggles
    to keep burning.
    It's obvious that a single device will not be able to tackle a raging uncontrollable inferno but
    the idea is to make a fleet of intercommunicating fire sounds flock to the same location to
    work together to put out flames. Another advantage is their continuous monitoring of high-
    risk areas would allow them to spot flames when they are still small and manageable thus
    not allowing the fire to turn into a violent inferno.
    Number 7:
    Robotics surgeons
    OK, this gets interesting now. What if you were told that a highly developed and skilled robot
    will do your surgery and you will be its case?
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