I Spent 24 Hours in Coca Cola & Didn't Expect This… (Bathing in Coke Challenge)

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  • Published on:  Friday, February 2, 2018
  • So I Spent 24 Hours in Coca Cola, I call this the bathing in coke challenge! I’ve seen videos where people leave teeth in coca cola, an egg and more! But I’ve never seen an experiment to see what happens if you leave a human in coca cola for 24 hours… It’s time to find out! Will I survive this ultimate survival challenge when I spent the night in coke?

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/SQoVsDv4rko


  • Kalilah Dalrymple

    Kalilah Dalrymple

     4 days ago

    I <3 moon

  • Seamus Kelly

    Seamus Kelly

     5 days ago

    Bill nye the science guy🎶

  • Digital car Guy

    Digital car Guy

     7 days ago

    I bet he has skin diabetes

  • The Shadow

    The Shadow

     7 days ago +2

    Subbed like and notifications I've done that on my iPad aswell

  • Charlie Plays Guitar

    Charlie Plays Guitar

     7 days ago

    get you Killem Soda water today!

  • Team Nerf

    Team Nerf

     14 days ago

    Does he know in the intro it says {insert text here}

  • The Sports Man

    The Sports Man

     21 days ago

    Tigers have stripes cheetahs have spots.

  • barakat yunes

    barakat yunes

     21 days ago

    Thomas is like Donald Trump

  • Reaper


     a months ago

    So thats how you get a tan like teh stars?

  • The Radical Randalls

    The Radical Randalls

     a months ago

    The stickers 😅

  • Steven keane

    Steven keane

     a months ago

    Don't know if you guys saw but it says text here

  • Luka Dominic

    Luka Dominic

     a months ago

    Carbon dioxide is good for your skin tho

  • Oliver Hopkins

    Oliver Hopkins

     a months ago +6

    Killer: I’m fed up with Coca-Cola, while eating gummy coke

  • Noah W

    Noah W

     a months ago

    Look at this dude

  • All out Gamers channel

    All out Gamers channel

     a months ago

    Did you lose your testicles

  • Couldn’t make up a good name plz subscribe

    Couldn’t make up a good name plz subscribe

     2 months ago +1

    You should do this again and then sell the coke

  • A L A

    A L A

     2 months ago

    17p cola?

  • nicolas cardinal

    nicolas cardinal

     2 months ago +1

    for all the coke bottle give it to some homeless so i can get somethings

  • atang tem

    atang tem

     2 months ago


  • Levin Ilton

    Levin Ilton

     2 months ago