THIS Ford Bronco Won a $5000 Burnout Competition??

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 26, 2019
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    Who says spinning all four wheels has to be more expensive than two?? Ryan Hauf (@ryhauf) shows us that all it really takes is some good 'ol Ford V8 power, some balls, and an old Ford Bronco shell from your backyard. This dude blew our minds with his Aintcare attitude during the Hoonigan Burnout Nats $5000 competition in the Burnyard, and earned himself a spot in Daily Transmission history.

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  • Hoonigan Daily Transmission

    Hoonigan Daily Transmission

     a months ago +179

    Buy & Burnout. You have 5k to buy a car STRICTLY for Burnouts, what are you buying?

  • RCKreations


     4 minutes ago

    Rumors have it he still there doing the burnout

  • icalculette


     7 days ago

    what are those musics ? my favorite episode of all time, music, truck, owner everything was good asf

  • Rusty


     7 days ago

    Let me blow an engine up on your channel!! i built a 3.0L stroker last year its got low compression but it still rips a mean ass burnout. lets send it till it sends a rod through the hood. ill show you what a gnarly burnout is.

  • Carson Hammond

    Carson Hammond

     14 days ago

    The first full size bronco was actually in 78

  • Mic Krout

    Mic Krout

     14 days ago

    5:17 im a ford guy and i'll be honest this was fuckin golden.

  • john moser

    john moser

     14 days ago +1

    Excellent bronco 4 wheel drive burnouts... radical amounts of send

  • H3R3T1C


     21 days ago

    That one guy who's not talking shit about this build should be the only host of this show. He's the only one there other than the owner of that Bronco that knows his shit. The rest of them are just ego-maniac fuckbois. The way they treated that Canadian with the dual-engine MX3 was absolutely shameful. I can guarantee you that guy didn't travel all the way from Canada just to have some douche-canoes pull the High-School bully act on him.

  • Mekiah Grillo

    Mekiah Grillo

     21 days ago

    You guys should bolt that trailer to the ground so AWD can chain to to it to do burnouts

  • Adam Brier

    Adam Brier

     21 days ago

    Throwing that bronc around like it was nothing good lord. It's big block for sure. Sounds amazing

  • Robert Ramirez

    Robert Ramirez

     21 days ago

    Hell yeah get a Bronco brother!!!

  • Cody Gettler

    Cody Gettler

     21 days ago

    what rear end does he have under that thing i just bought an 84 with a 8.8 and im not sure if its a posi or not does anybody know?

  • Og Juice

    Og Juice

     21 days ago

    After watching a video I think it's the best one till I watch another



     21 days ago

    Why are those busted ass trailers there, like what aesthetic is it adding to the burn yard

  • Cock & Ball Torture

    Cock & Ball Torture

     28 days ago

    burnouts start at 8:57 youre welcome

  • D Anderson

    D Anderson

     a months ago

    not a Bronco ii

  • Mtrk Qahtani

    Mtrk Qahtani

     a months ago

    Best drive اطول وقت دريفت واتمنى ان تجعلو ضيوفكم يقومون بدرفت لوقت أطول

  • fin harms

    fin harms

     a months ago

    I literally love how people are calling him crazy but where I grew up we did this shit in fields every weekend and hoped to god we didn’t get caught or fuck up your truck lol

  • fin harms

    fin harms

     a months ago

    It’s not midland it’s Modified, and the 400 is not a modified, the 351m is though, it’s called a modified because they(ford) “ modified” the Cleveland(had to ruin the best one lol) it’s a big block trans and motor mount in a small block package( yes i know in ford world there’s no big or small block) im being general here lol

  • Kyle Estment

    Kyle Estment

     a months ago

    Those front wheels don’t look too happy 😂