No fire protection today and for sure none in WROL or SHTF.

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 6, 2016
  • You must be self reliant and capable of handling emergencies on your own.
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  • HardcoreFourSix


     3 years ago

    I think that fire is the Number 1 threat in WROL. It will be dangerous even if men are angels and do not attack each other.

  • Nu B

    Nu B

     3 years ago

    Congratulations, 100K is near.

  • James Eastridge

    James Eastridge

     3 years ago

    brother,I believe it's time for All men in 100 radius to meet,communicate talk, I truly think the time is nigh,I kno there's multibles of thousands,that have been vigilant, bo east tenn

  • WeatherlessWorld


     3 years ago

    LMBO @ Pumpkin town fire dept LOL....

  • Indiana Outdoors

    Indiana Outdoors

     3 years ago

    I will say as part of a small VFD it does happen, we will miss calls unfortunately. currently out of 300 calls though this year luckily we have only missed three. All three happened when everybody was at work or out of district.

  • emt157


     3 years ago

    Have you considered volunteering again ?

  • Michael Kaylor

    Michael Kaylor

     3 years ago

    I would differ with your opinion of none in WROL situations, I would instead say a small but more response. If I saw smoke at "your" place in a WROL period I would respond without a call, I believe the people I associate with would do the same.

  • rollinglibs1012


     3 years ago

    This guy rolled his fire truck a couple years back..Remember?

  • Ranger J

    Ranger J

     3 years ago

    Make sure your home is firewise

  • rubadux


     3 years ago

    This is why many rural FDs recruit women, younger retired citizens, and youths. YT user "Wranglerstar" who is a volunteer FF and semi-professional certified forest fire fighter himself actually built and keeps his own fire pump in a shed ready to be loaded on his private truck because his fire station where his company keeps their trucks is too far away from his homestead to fetch a fire truck in case a part of his house or compound catches fire. He made some videos about this mobile pump and the hoses he uses.

  • Urbicide


     3 years ago +1

    If you are putting in your own road you may want to be sure that it will accommodate a fire engine, especially if you have a bridge to cross, I'm not sure what the typical fire engine weighs, but do know it is quite significant.

  • Tim C

    Tim C

     3 years ago

    Good information to know. Thanks for the advice. Love this channel.

  • KK Prepper

    KK Prepper

     3 years ago

    Love God Love your channel Thank you brother Great advice.

  • Tom Olofsson

    Tom Olofsson

     3 years ago

    This is important to know. Thanks.

  • Howard L

    Howard L

     3 years ago

    The siren at the volunteer FD 1/4 mile from my parents house goes off 10-12 times a day. Usually it's for the EMT/ambulance. They get so many calls they're adding a 5th ambulance soon. A lot of FD around us don't/can't fund their own EMT unit so ours get call. They've been to my house 18 times now because people seem to like wrecking their cars in front of my house.

  • scoped wrecker

    scoped wrecker

     3 years ago

    Pumpkintown needs to fix the vhf antenna.

  • Joe Primal

    Joe Primal

     3 years ago +2

    20+ years living on the farm and I can vouch for the truth of these words.  Had 3 fires and put them all out ourselves.
    Stay Safe in Matthew David!  I know you're inland but still.

  • Jesse Sisolack

    Jesse Sisolack

     3 years ago

    Here is a conversation I had with someone at my last security job.

    Me: We do not have a fire extinguisher out there at that far guard gate. I throw one in there from my own inventory till we can get one.

    Supervisor: We will get one sent out there next week, but why do you have an inventory of fire extinguishers at your house?

    Me: Umm, to deal with possible fires. I mean, you do not have any fire extinguishers?

    Supervisor: Of course not. I have the fire department.

    Me: How far away is your fire department?

    Supervisor: I do not know.

    Me: What is their response time?

    Supervisor: Umm, I do not know. I do not know how to get that information.

    Me: So what do you plan to do in case of a fire?

    Supervisor: Umm, the fire department...I guess.

  • noviceprepper53


     3 years ago

    thanks SP1

  • Richard Sabo

    Richard Sabo

     3 years ago

    We're so blessed to have a great fire department within walking distance.

    However, we've got a similar situation when it comes to law enforcement in my rural community. Our Deputies are great, but they get pulled away to other areas on other calls. Responses are usually 20 - 30 minutes out, so we're functionally on our own for immediate assistance a lot of the time. There have been times where I've heard things go out over the radio, and put eyes on the situation myself until they can arrive. It's nowhere near as dangerous as what volunteer firefighters do, but it's enough that I can understand and appreciate just how important they are.