Sonic R - 2 - What Even...?

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 14, 2019
  • Our hero, Arin Hanson, valiantly performs a single player run-through of this miserable game in order to delight you, the fans. Every comment that doesn't say "Thank you, Arin Hanson" will be deleted, and the user blocked. The theme song is a total banger though!Get NSP tickets here! ► to SUBSCRIBE ►!! ► email list! ►*********************************************We have NEW MERCH every FRIDAY! Visit our WEBSITE every FRIDAY to check out the NEW items!►►►*********************************************FACEBOOK ► ► ► ►*********************************************Game Grumps are:Arin ► ► #sonicthehedgehog #sonicthehedgehogcharacters #runningarins #arininternet #onelinerjokes #segasaturn #funnycomedy #mariovssonic #gamingcommunity #youtubegaming #sonic
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  • Nic H

     1 months ago

    Arin: you ever known me to give up on a sonic game?Audience: yes

  • Matthew Carter

     22 days ago

    @R4 Trees yeah but he did give up on it for months.

  • R4 Trees

     23 days ago

    Kyrenaz Kanir no, they finished that shit my friend, the same time they finished paper Mario!

  • Beatfox

     1 months ago

    8:35Arin: stumbles upon chaos emerald without even tryingAlso Arin: *runs directly past it twice without even noticing it's there*

  • pikapals41

     1 months ago

    Oh, that's what that was? I couldn't really tell, it just looked like a .... something that was unnecessary

  • Captain Doomsday

     1 months ago

    @Parker Miller The rest of the stage is also bright orange, though. Danny has less of an excuse.

  • anxiety incarnate

     1 months ago

    Thank you, Arin Hanson.*...please continue Pheonix Wright*

  • Astro Wolvez

     1 months ago

    To be fair they're on tour soif they haven't made episodes yet it probably won't be for awhile.

  • Drakes Blue

     1 months ago

    "How do we make a bridge in 3D?""Just make a hill without a texture on the bottom."

  • CrudelyDrawnKingDedede

     1 months ago

    Are you going to pick up that chaos emerald?Arin: No I don't think I will...

  • RIPLemmyKilmister

     1 months ago

    "Ever known me to give up on a Sonic game""UNAVOIDABLE CHIN MOVE!"

  • Bleachable Moments

     1 months ago

    @LordPhill Project NO, YOU'RE NOT!

  • Caffeine Rush

     1 months ago

    RIPLemmyKilmister"Memorable quote from Sonic Adventure 2"

  • Ethan Micallef

     1 months ago

    He was literally placed as 1st while running behind AmyHooo boy

  • Brendan G.

     1 months ago

    Dan: "This had to be rushed."A statement that could be applied to almost every Sonic game in the last 15 years.

  • cam cam

     19 days ago

    Cept mania mania was good

  • The Brain Named Itself

     27 days ago

    Believe it or not, even Sonic 2 was rushed as hell yet didn't show as much, but still that'd be 27 years.

  • Shae Quinlan

     1 months ago

    Thank you, Arin Hanson.*cough* continue Pheonix Wright *cough*

  • Sir Billius

     1 months ago

    Thank you Arin Hanson.Day 6 of asking for more Phoenix Wright.