Sonic R - 2 - What Even...?

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 14, 2019
  • Our hero, Arin Hanson, valiantly performs a single player run-through of this miserable game in order to delight you, the fans. Every comment that doesn't say "Thank you, Arin Hanson" will be deleted, and the user blocked. The theme song is a total banger though!

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  • Jordanbrodegaming 12

    Jordanbrodegaming 12

     14 days ago

    3:20 For Drugs •—•

  • Nico0020


     1 months ago

    Still waiting on you guys to go back and play through Sonic Mania...

    I actually think Arin could beat Sonic R, he seemed to adapt to the controls pretty quickly.

  • Derek Lehman

    Derek Lehman

     2 months ago

    No clue if they'll see this, given the time, but YES, those blanked out characters ARE actually available to be played. But unlocking them is a BITCH.

    Dr. Eggman: To unlock Dr. Eggman, you must complete the course "Radiant Emerald", in 1st place.

    Radiant Emerald: Complete each OTHER course in the game, placing 1st.

    Eggman Robo: Collect all Sonic Tokens (5) on the Regal Ruins stage, and finish in at least 3rd place, then beat Eggman Robo in a race.

    Metal Sonic: Collect all Sonic Tokens (5) in Resort Island, and finish in at least 3rd place, then beat Metal Sonic in a race.

    Metal Knuckles: Collect all Sonic Tokens (5) in Reactive Factory, and finish in at least 3rd place, then beat Metal Knuckles in a race.

    Tails Doll: Collect all Sonic Tokens (5) in Radical City, and finish in at least 3rd place, then beat Tails Doll in a race.

    Super Sonic: Collect all 7 Chaos Emeralds. Each stage will have multiple.
    -Resort Island: Behind the 50 Ring door
    -Radical City: 1) In the middle of a number of buildings. 2) Behind the 50 Ring door.
    -Regal Ruin: 1) Behind the 50 Ring door (near the start of the track, up a pile of rubble). 2) Behind the 20 Ring door. Wait for the pyramid to open. (Arin actually passed by this one.)
    -Reactive Plant: 1) Behind the 50 Ring door (After the first jump and the loop). 2) Near the end of the track, behind a door. The door will require either 20 or 50 rings, and the Emerald will come out of a submarine.

    Any Emeralds collected are not kept UNLESS you finish the race in 1st place. When all Emeralds are successfully collected, Super Sonic can be selected by pressing up while highlighting Sonic as your racer.

    Have fun, if you so choose to pursue them.
    Like, no joke, a friend of mine and I spent an entire day trying to unlock everyone. For the most part, it's not TOO terrible, but I can promise you that you'll want to unlock Super Sonic before even attempting Metal Knuckles, because Metal Knuckles, for SOME reason, is the 2nd fastest character in the game, behind only Super Sonic, who you don't need to beat in a race to unlock.

  • blood7crow


     2 months ago

    Just heard the honk in the intro. Once you hear, never can thou unhear

  • Alex Paulsen

    Alex Paulsen

     2 months ago

    Best way to play this game? Don't choose Sonic or the first level. Persevere, it becomes almost enjoyable.

  • FatTonyGaming


     2 months ago

    "You ever known me to give up on a Sonic game?" got a minute Arin? by the way did they also give up on Unleashed and Shadow the Hedgehog?.........

  • Son Yami

    Son Yami

     2 months ago

    It makes me sad that they don’t know the beauty of this game

  • Jude Miller

    Jude Miller

     3 months ago +1

    Chicken sound at the end of the intro music?

  • I Don't Get The Joke

    I Don't Get The Joke

     3 months ago

    You, Arin thank Hanson.

    Continue wright please. Pheonix

  • Xshu Bastion

    Xshu Bastion

     3 months ago

    Was... Was that a goose, or...?

  • Eight Block

    Eight Block

     3 months ago

    Thank you, Arin Hanson

  • Lucky Arceus

    Lucky Arceus

     3 months ago


  • StereoPixel


     3 months ago

    Look, Sonic R has its fair share of problems I admit that. I have no doubt though your PURPOSELY playing the saturn version of the game so you can jump on the "Sonic is bad bandwagon".
    Play the pc or the gamcube version please. I don't know why this has upset me so much, but it has.

  • Epic Chameleon

    Epic Chameleon

     4 months ago

    Thank you, Arin Hanson

  • wolf glasses

    wolf glasses

     4 months ago

    tails doll would like to know your location

  • Ryan Cier

    Ryan Cier

     4 months ago +1

    You mean a Grand pre ?

  • sea anemily

    sea anemily

     4 months ago

    They took acing out of the title because the people that made this clearly weren't acing their coding classes.

  • Brian Talbert

    Brian Talbert

     4 months ago

    "When it comes to Sonic Ill finish that shit all the way through." Arin Hanson 2019... still waiting on more sonic adventures 2... theyre were so close to the space showdown between sonic and Shadow

  • Flash020201


     4 months ago

    The coders behind were actually very competent. They later went on to make games like lego star wars among other games, and before that they have made decent games. The most likely reason was time constraints.

  • Facade Kitsune

    Facade Kitsune

     4 months ago

    you miss that some things you have to unlock there are 5 stages and there are 10 characters
    to unlock the courses Radiant Emerald you need first place all other courses
    to unlock Eggman you need first place in Radiant Emerald
    to unlock the 4 blacked out characters you need to collect all 5 sonic coins on one course
    to unlock super sonic you need to collect the 1-2 chaos emeralds on each course AND finish first or you drop them