Celebrities With Weird/Hidden Talents!! Part 2

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018
  • Here is part 2 of celebrities with some crazy hidden talents!
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    Artist featured: Ariana Grande, Camila Cabello, Rihanna, Zac Efron, Kevin Hart, and more!
  • Source: https://youtu.be/SbquJbO-EYc


  • Theboss Lucero

    Theboss Lucero

     23 minutes ago

    0:12 is that Jake Paul in the background

  • Andrew Rearick

    Andrew Rearick

     57 minutes ago

    GO 💀FUCK💀 YOURSELF Justin Bieber GO SUCK A💀DUCK💀you Mother 💀 Fucker 💀.

  • Emery doom panda

    Emery doom panda

     an hour ago +1

    Ohhhhhhhhhh yeah yeah

  • Exility Fos

    Exility Fos

     an hour ago

    Tbh I can breath 1-3 minutes underwater

  • Elijah last name

    Elijah last name

     an hour ago

    When Oprah's secret talent is womanism.
    Edit: And so is Michael B. Jordan's

  • Elijah last name

    Elijah last name

     an hour ago

    Playing guitar behind your head isn't hard if the song isn't hard.

  • Jake Helfend

    Jake Helfend

     2 hours ago

    Hello everyone, my name is Jake Helfend. I wanted to make an official announcement that I will be creating a radio show on February 27th, 2019! There will be music videos, short films, news on celebs and much more entertainment to brighten your day! This is not a one day show and I hope to get your support as that it will be the energy my crew and I will need to keep the show alive! This will be different than any other radio station you have ever watched!

  • xXImmanuel123Xx


     2 hours ago

    This is some pretty pedestrian shit.

  • Moonlight Grande

    Moonlight Grande

     2 hours ago

    Ariana's was too cute😍

  • Hamza Alnasseri

    Hamza Alnasseri

     3 hours ago

    Oh yeah

  • E m a

    E m a

     3 hours ago

    Omg how many hidden talents does cara have?!

  • justsmileandwave


     3 hours ago

    Wow 5th harmony did NOT like each other...😅😂 Bitchy faces galore

  • luis quijas

    luis quijas

     4 hours ago

    6:53 it’s not really the same if it’s in a trampoline

  • dez


     4 hours ago

    Well Jacob is part wolf so

  • mtg909mtg


     5 hours ago

    5:43 struggle in her mind

  • kokos pilad

    kokos pilad

     5 hours ago

    I think that my secret talent is that i can sleep for 19 hours.

  • Phantastic


     5 hours ago

    Cara: *plays guitar backwards*
    Ophira: *removes stains*

  • PFEFFER :]

    PFEFFER :]

     6 hours ago

    0:17 I think that anyone can do that, me definitely

  • I Like To Research Grapes!

    I Like To Research Grapes!

     6 hours ago

    They also have another talent in common, holding 10 pounds of makeup everyday

  • David Mardis

    David Mardis

     7 hours ago

    wow... spiderman can do a backflip B.F.D.