Malala Yousafzai's Nobel Prize Speech

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 10, 2014
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  • Fai Zee

    Fai Zee

     2 months ago

    New future Pakistani politician ! Planted by American elites

  • Emily snith Beauty blog

    Emily snith Beauty blog

     9 months ago


  • Ajax Akin

    Ajax Akin

     a years ago

    Nobel Peace prize, DUH has ZERO value.

  • Ajax Akin

    Ajax Akin

     a years ago

    She dont deserve Nobel prize, She get shot 100's of people get shot but they dont get Nobel prize

  • Rezaul Haque

    Rezaul Haque

     a years ago

    nice , Go ahead malala , our love with you, i m from bangladesh, Feni District, Beker Bazar, Kobi Helal Academy, a Poor girls School in my Village in Bangladesh

  • Harvey Stevens

    Harvey Stevens

     a years ago

  • engrade 90

    engrade 90

     2 years ago


  • Silvia Mitrea

    Silvia Mitrea

     2 years ago

    while other 17yr old girls are more concerned about how to get the attention of a boy or struggle on baking their face until you can't recognize them this girl right here fights for girls and women all over the world so that they can get their education! Such a huge inspiration Malala! I love you

  • Lib Nani

    Lib Nani

     3 years ago +1

    She makes me so proud to be of Pakistani heritage

  • Hmz


     3 years ago

    she deserves an oscar for her amazing acting

  • lucy hannah mae

    lucy hannah mae

     3 years ago +1

    Such a beautiful woman inside and out, Malala is the hope and love that this generation needs.

  • Abigail Bradshaw

    Abigail Bradshaw

     3 years ago +1

    I feel so inspired by her. I am a big believer that women are equal to men. Young girls deserve the same education that young boys get. All children deserve a chance at getting a good education.

  • chantelle Preston

    chantelle Preston

     3 years ago

    this is beautiful xx

  • Tooba Malik

    Tooba Malik

     3 years ago

    she said she is the first pakistani to get a nobel peace prize... no that's abdus salam
    she also said she's the first woman to get a nobel peace prize... that's also wrong it's marie curie

  • Sylvanus Macaca

    Sylvanus Macaca

     3 years ago +3

    unfortunately, I strongly suspect that this amazing girl does not get the true recognition and respect she deserves. Most people have a certain tone in their voice when they tell you "you've done well for a girl, growing up in a muslim society". What you should realise is, she didn't thrive despite of Islam, she thrived because of it. She was shown a clear Islam...not a clouded version of Islam, and she worked hard to develop her mind, Islam helped her. It does not please me to be this truthful, but I fear I must. This Nobel prize was pricey rather than nobel. XR

  • Ronney Rendon

    Ronney Rendon

     3 years ago


  • N.


     3 years ago +14

    What an amazing woman.

  • Chaun Smith

    Chaun Smith

     3 years ago +65

    OK ladies now let's get in #formation. OK ladies now let's get information.

  • lilly billionaire

    lilly billionaire

     3 years ago

    Bitch how many people get shot in this fucking world. Stfu

  • Egle Makar

    Egle Makar

     4 years ago

    Wow. Thank you for spreading this powerful speech.