Matte iPhones!! 16.5-in MacBook Pro, AirPods 2 Leaks & China Red XS!

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 18, 2019
  • Frosted iPhone 11's are Happening!! HUGE Apple Leaks. 16.5-inch MacBook Pro, China RED XS Color, Matte Black AirPods 2 Confirmed.Last Apple Leaks: XS & AirPods Giveaway: March & June Events Recap: Instagram: Paint Insta: MacBook Concept: Insta: Used in Vid: Screensaver:
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  • EverythingApplePro


     6 months ago +1567

    Throw up a like for the renders pls, worked all night to produce them. Thanks guys, so excited for the event!! eeeeek

  • Dos Tacos

    Dos Tacos

     6 months ago +588

    these iphone names turning into math equations i swear

  • Vikingz. edits

    Vikingz. edits

     6 months ago +613

    Apple should focus more on PRICE than colours...

  • The Newest Meme

    The Newest Meme

     6 months ago +222

    Personally, I don't really like the horizontal camera. I prefer a vertical one.

  • F0ne


     6 months ago +116

    Introducing, the new and improved, iPhone mx+b.

  • Facken


     6 months ago +79

    Will the airpods have ear id?

  • matthew fallon

    matthew fallon

     6 months ago +899

    Does anyone else think the horizontal camera looks bad

  • Long Gahn

    Long Gahn

     6 months ago +59

    The new iPhones look like the 4s. Smh 🤦‍♂️

  • Julian Tapia

    Julian Tapia

     6 months ago +59

    3:37 You do realize that Huawei and Samsung will have had this feature for months by the time Apple releases it lol

  • Wesley Chapman

    Wesley Chapman

     6 months ago +71

    The energy Filip brings to these videos is the best!

  • MPT


     6 months ago +85

    I reallly want AirPods 2 so bad

  • Stefano Brunelli

    Stefano Brunelli

     6 months ago +530

    Sorry dude, I was distracted by the sweet screensaver

  • Gonçalo N

    Gonçalo N

     6 months ago +18

    CAN YOU TELL US PLEAAAASE , here did you get that insane animated logo wallpaper? Daaaaaaamn

  • Paul Guerlens

    Paul Guerlens

     6 months ago +14

    Who's here after Samsung Galaxy s10 lunch.??.

  • thomp


     6 months ago +15

    Looks like a condom on your shirt

  • Hunterr Da Finessa

    Hunterr Da Finessa

     6 months ago +92

    Apple should release a new iPhone called the iPhone Classic, with Touch ID, a headphone jack, decked out specs and a design that is similar to a iPhone 5S but in a iPhone 8 + size

  • KingAlex


     6 months ago +522

    Damn you can make so much money with reverse charging in school lmao

  • Kiera Kohl

    Kiera Kohl

     6 months ago +40

    Not like my broke-ness can afford any of this...
    Edit: omg thanks for all the likes this is the most I’ve ever gotten

  • Kamaldeep Parmar

    Kamaldeep Parmar

     6 months ago +21

    Can't wait for the air pods 2

  • Drewski4321


     6 months ago +6

    Did anybody only watch the apple logo in the background