Saving and Farming for Mounts in Vanilla/Classic WoW - A Guide

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 11, 2018
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  • Defcamp & Melderon TV

     1 years ago

    As an additional step (#14), make a bank alt and get them to level 5 so you can learn enchanting! In Vanilla, you can DE anything regardless of your enchanting level! *** ALSO (Thanks to Christoffer Feder) You can actually open the DM West door from the inside by clicking on the torch on the wall.

  • Tobi Le Lemurien

     1 months ago

    Added @20:49 :-) That a youtuber who actually reads comments and listens to their viewers! (I admit - I am impressed!) GG

  • hizzouse kakashi

     2 months ago

    are we certain that DE nerf happened after 1.12? I thought it was before that that they had changed it.

  • Blake Walsh

     1 years ago

    Once I was playing a female dwarf and a guy offered 1 gold for a lapdance.

  • Urrarg

     1 months ago

    @Big Green Nobody knew it was you until you said something. So you owe them an apology and another gold.

  • Uranus

     1 months ago

    Supply and demand. There are hardly any female dwarfs out there.

  • Sy77 sy

     1 years ago

    its kinda funny, i absolutely knew all this stuff but it is still very useful to listen to this just to keep myself on track. great video! also i love satire rogues! way better than satyr rogues!

  • DJ4NTI

     1 years ago

    "I would kill every little critter I could find and skim 'em" .. you monster!

  • Johnny Guillotine

     6 months ago

    I used to gank hard in Darkshire as a Rogue and the 60's would come looking for me (I'd be standing in the Crypt entrance watching them search.) I'd then hit my lol macro and watch them be dragging mobs and losing health... soon as a 60 picked up enough trash and mor'ladim and got near death in CS, SND, SS, Vanish, CS, Evis, Hit the lol macro as they fall and sprint.Repeat.Started that at lvl 25 and started killing 60's at lvl 45... I love DS.

  • Defcamp & Melderon TV

     1 years ago

    XXTALEN muhahahahahha

  • Urban Nilsson


    "In the hour that you're waiting for Dire Maul to come off cooldown"I thought the one hour timer started when you entered the first time? That should mean if you take 12 minutes per run, you can do them until you pass out from hunger.

  • Nicolbolas2

     6 months ago

    >imagine paying for your mountTHIS POST WAS MADE BY LOCK AND PALLY GANG

  • Connman 8d

     29 days ago

    @Agi Hammerthief yeah but it's a ridiculous advantage to just get handed a lvl 40 mount for free (or very near free). It's INSANE that Blizzard did this. But, since my best friend and co-guild leader is a paladin, he's going to help bankroll my first mount so that I don't have to have 100g on hand the moment I ding 40 on my priest. Just like we did 15 years ago.

  • mdx

     5 months ago

    @Agi Hammerthief 60% mount free, 100% mount normal fullprice, so still cheaper if you combine it and you have the 40 mount instant ;)

  • sam core

     1 years ago

    Great vid, glad I already do 9/10 of these tips already good for the returning vanilla players or new ones starting :)

  • Defcamp & Melderon TV

     1 years ago

    Thanks, man!

  • Kentaro

     1 months ago

    Informative Video! Although that constant lipsmacking and nose/sniffing every 2 sentences is a bit annoying

  • OneHung Low

     20 days ago

    Don’t forget the constant ...uhm

  • TrueHoppZGaming

     2 months ago

    "You can't always grind." Me: that's where you're wrong, kiddo!

  • Rainnite

     1 years ago

    if the 19 twinks come back. farming that gear and AHing will be a good gold maker.

  • Minimeister317

     1 months ago

    Indeed, I made 75g off Sentry's Cloak once on Nostalrius

  • BoyaKing

     4 months ago

    @Griffendorf It was the best thing with WoW :) Going for a lvl 29 I think. Used to have a 29 Paladin without any main on the server, I did manage to get really good gear tho :D