Saving and Farming for Mounts in Vanilla/Classic WoW - A Guide

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 11, 2018
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  • Defcamp & Melderon TV

    Defcamp & Melderon TV

     a years ago +46

    As an additional step (#14), make a bank alt and get them to level 5 so you can learn enchanting! In Vanilla, you can DE anything regardless of your enchanting level!
    * ALSO (Thanks to Christoffer Feder) You can actually open the DM West door from the inside by clicking on the torch on the wall.

  • Heijmdal


     5 days ago

    Save money get your rep grinds ready. You don't want to miss out on 20% discount. That's allot of gold on a 1000g

  • Peter


     28 days ago

    Pro-tip for rogues: in Vanilla, Worgen are humanoids who you can pickpocket, BUT you can also SKIN them, so as you are leveling, go for areas that have worgens for a double-whammy!

  • Zeeb


     a months ago

    This a great guide with some pretty good info, but you voice made me wanna throw up. You sound sick and slimy. All that sniffing and smacking is pretty disgusting. You enunciation is already a bit weird and flawed most days, but with this cold or whatever you had that day... ew

  • Viking Jack

    Viking Jack

     a months ago

    you should write a script or something prior too videos, cuts down A LOT on "tougue flicks" and ehm and hmmm studders.

  • Zairus


     a months ago

    Can u tell me the name of UI?

  • ksp1re


     a months ago

    watch out for those tree ants

  • Jens Jensen

    Jens Jensen

     a months ago

    Please disable in-game sounds .. so annoying.

  • Zamolxes77


     a months ago

    12:30 Cooking and fishing are VERY important for making money and by extent, getting your mount. Think about it, is FREE gold, all you have to do is put some time into it.

    If you're a melee class, by the time you hit 30, your food will cost you a fortune if you keep buying it. And believe me, in classic, as a warrior, you had to rest and eat after every 2-3 pulls.

    Also through cooking you get access to some unique foods, with bonuses, which are a must have in raids, so they sell very well. Fishing provides the raw materials to level your cooking for free basically.

  • Zamolxes77


     a months ago

    Stone sells for most because is used as a cheap way to level up blacksmithing and engineering. Dense stone sells for the smallest amount because is only used for sharpening stones, and plays a very small role in leveling aforementioned professions. Also is very abundant after lvl 50.
    In my experience, coarse stone is best seller, only comes from tin mines which are sprinkled through an area, they're not condensed so are fairly difficult to get. In most cases, price for a coarse stone was more than a dense one.



     a months ago

    I was trading junk greens to enchanters so they could disenchant, for 6/8 slot bags, offered an extra if they had a 10...

  • Over Suga

    Over Suga

     a months ago

    Damn I need a list of your interface addons

  • Littlepaw01


     a months ago

    This is the most realistic gold farming guide I've ever seen, thank you for sharing.

  • 044Kyle


     a months ago

    What addon to you have to track buffs? as well as the interface set up?

  • WOW Maxco

    WOW Maxco

     a months ago +1

    Most people wont realize it but this is basically life advice :).

  • GG Marzipahn

    GG Marzipahn

     a months ago

    On boat trips I /dance with my tauren and /say the lyrics to 'Electric Slide' then notify everyone that I take tips. Every now and then there is some kind soul that will toss some gold at me because I gave them a good chuckle.

  • Wizardxeze


     a months ago

    cloth in Classic at start is like 30p . . . wool was even cheaper 23p

    yeah when everyone is vendoing cloth cheap xD

  • Ga Me

    Ga Me

     a months ago

    Launch of Classic has been a bit different on full servers. I am finding that gathering products aren't selling for much because the market is so saturated. I'm running Tailoring/enchanting on a Mage and have been able to make decent money by rushing to make bags and selling those on the marketplace. It's easy to level and grind mats at the same time cause so many mobs drop linen/wool etc. I disenchant any greens that aren't likely to sell on the AH or that don't sell for much. I then advertise enchants in general for a price with my mats or for a tip w/mats provided. Comparatively, gathering you have to stop and gather for everything you find, and you have to find it. And with servers so full it's a bit crowded. Although it can be expensive to level crafting professions, you can do it and make good money at the same time. All you need is to get your lvl 40 mount and you're good to level your professions to max and sell enchants, gear etc after that to help you make money to get your Epic mount. Plus when you hit upper crafting levels you can just start selling all mats you come across that you no longer need. At lvl60 and higher profession levels you rarely need lower level mats anymore. Plus a lot of people will be skipping professions to rush to 60 and when they get there, a lot of people won't want to go out and farm mats all over the palce to lvl their professions, so they will just go to the AH and buy stacks of mats. If you can beat most people to higher profession levels then while you'tre leveling you can sell all your higher level mats for more. Just my 2 cents. You had a lot of good points in this video. I am sure you can make great money on gathering still but if done right, you can lvl your end-game professions as you level your toon and end up with your epic mount and maxed professions soon after hitting 60.

  • Tom's Reef

    Tom's Reef

     a months ago

    Is selling token à thing in classic ?

  • bjorn nl

    bjorn nl

     a months ago

    Just buy it dumb farming