Ultimate Animal Fat Taste Test

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 27, 2017
  • Today we taste test different types of animal fat. Whyyyyy??? GMM #1061!
    Watch GMC on Saturday where they make fat popsicles and the crew records a sped up music album. https://goo.gl/QdXZdC
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/So8nq6jWyeI


  • Bethany Stewart

    Bethany Stewart

     1 years ago +3672

    Link's "let's talk about fat" in the beginning killed me lol

  • Megan Mystery

    Megan Mystery


    My grandma owned chickens and roosters my whole like growing up. She loved them so I can see what you mean Rhett!

  • TT Winkie

    TT Winkie

     4 days ago

    Any keto dieters here?😂

  • Isaac Rahn

    Isaac Rahn

     4 days ago

    They call themselves rednecks but they kept calling straw hay.. :P

  • Metal-Up- My-Bass

    Metal-Up- My-Bass

     5 days ago

    They hired chefs with fat sacks? Hmmmm this show has come a long way

  • TheRisenEmerald | Fortnite

    TheRisenEmerald | Fortnite

     9 days ago

    Let's talk about fat

  • Thr Pins

    Thr Pins

     10 days ago

    0:41 I got goosebumps good job guys didn't expect that from GMM

  • Jordon Cardenas

    Jordon Cardenas

     12 days ago

    I guess they are spitters not swallowers.

  • ZeroWolfAlfa


     13 days ago

    next time you are in Sweden, go to the "meat spereadning" section. Scark with pre cut meat for sandwitch. get the "hamburger meat", dark red meat cutings. thats horse meat, even if it says beef nowdays. I guess it counts as beef religous fore some. but taste great.

  • Shelby Patton

    Shelby Patton

     16 days ago +1

    1:33 I’m a fat sack

  • Francis P

    Francis P

     17 days ago +1

    Link's animal noise are gold

  • Quack_Productions


     19 days ago

    Bird fat is more of a liquid

  • BlueFox The Cutest

    BlueFox The Cutest

     20 days ago

    "I don't condone animal sacrifice"
    Wut.........and why........

  • Jeffrey Henke

    Jeffrey Henke

     23 days ago

    This episode is gross

  • BEEFY 7895

    BEEFY 7895

     1 months ago

    I hate fat on meat 🤢

  • The Bellows

    The Bellows

     1 months ago

    The picture of the "buffalo" is really a bison.

  • High Hopes

    High Hopes

     1 months ago

    I have been binge watching gmm for days. Someone help. I might have accidentally ordered merch. What's happening.

  • Stef De Guzman

    Stef De Guzman

     1 months ago

    I kinda noticed that the liquid-y fats usually stayed along the bird side though

  • gtarman8d


     1 months ago

    Yay! So Link can be "Fat Brian"

  • Gabby Metcalfe

    Gabby Metcalfe

     1 months ago

    i live for the episodes when the guys are gagging on weird food 🤣