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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 24, 2014
  • Jalopnik.com has inspired me to make another video. So here it is. I hope this clears up a few things to unbelievers.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/Ssfanvq_YRk


  • the Pretender

    the Pretender

     3 hours ago

    so whats the mpg on a gallon? performance is prob uhg, but still, this is pretty slick

  • David Ronquille

    David Ronquille


    What we don't see is his partner replace the fuze out of camera view and shut off engine when he removes the breather cover.😉

  • Michael Bollinger

    Michael Bollinger


    Lol snake oil person needs to research how fuel works in combustion engines liquid fuels don't light and don't catch fire vapor does when mixed with O2 lol does it have compression, timed spark and fuel yes yes and yes so why would it not work

  • Richard Coble

    Richard Coble


    Of coarse this works but yes u will burn up ur motor if u dont cool it somehow. Fumes burn not liquid..drop a cig in a cup (small) of gas .on a cool day..wat happens ? It goes out..now pour a little gas on a cookie sheet on a hot as satans nut sack day..try again from a distance.. Also if u look at level point u can see the gas fumes rise..again stay back .on 2nd thought just take my word for it..hate for someone to get hurt..or damage property..

  • Bill Natan

    Bill Natan


    Great video, another brilliant way to save our doomed planet.

  • untidyman



    All engines run on fumes

  • Gary Heaton

    Gary Heaton

     2 days ago

    I see NO reason that this would not work. I turned wrenches for a long time, and this is FAR from the strangest thing I ever saw.
    During the gas shortage days in the late 70s early 80s, which ever it was..there was a rumor a man made a carb that would get between 50 and 80 mpg! I heard one of the car companies bought his patients for it, just to keep it off the market. My guess is that it ran on a similar idea. Seems like you would just have to create more pressure in your fuel system to push the fumes faster..then it should go along fine.
    Pour a small puddle of gas on the ground and toss a match on it during a windy day..it will just burn. Do it on a calm day..and a ball of fire will blast out of it..proving the REAL power of gas IS the fumes, not the liquid.
    Keep it up, you can retire a young man!!
    Great video!! Thanks.😉

  • jeff fries

    jeff fries

     2 days ago

    So what is your gas mileage? That is the real question. If your gas mileage is the same as running your fuel pump you are not gaining anything!!!!!

  • Tom Kochan

    Tom Kochan

     2 days ago

    Pour some gas on that Kia I bet it burns

  • Michael Galvin

    Michael Galvin

     2 days ago

    Gas is petrol in Ireland? Be careful of the government? They don't like you

  • George Zuniga

    George Zuniga

     3 days ago

    Ignorance is a public injected norm! Why not a word about microwave radiation? 5G is a long therm killer. It calls for more towers closer to the paying victim!

  • Ryan Wright

    Ryan Wright

     4 days ago

    People need to think it's just like having sombody seting in the engine bay spraying carb cleaner in your air intake that's a vapor not a liquid and it works as long as it has. A combustion to push the piston through there full stroke Wala you got a beast that's a live think before you call somebody a lier that's like say diesel runs on spark plugs good Lord help your people

  • Kid


     4 days ago

    But how can u accelerate? Do you think you would be able to make the video yet one more time but rev it from the outside? It this were true then we've been dooped our whole life. Its all a sham. Interesting video. I think i might do some investigations myself. I always knew that the vacuum and the vacuum canister was stealing some of my gas

  • Levon 106

    Levon 106

     5 days ago

    YUP.........I think you proved your point. Wonder how long it would run on that lean a mixture without damaging the valves and or pistons ?

  • Esteban Campos

    Esteban Campos

     5 days ago

    There goes my daily drive v8 dream

  • Esteban Campos

    Esteban Campos

     5 days ago

    Fake... vaporized fuel is still the same fuel but in vapor state. It will run, but no economy

  • electrondady1


     5 days ago

    works pretty good.

  • GDog S

    GDog S

     6 days ago

    Wow, Your Smarter than every automotive engineer at Ford and GM Toyota Honda BMW VW. They should hire you at 125000 a year

  • SpecTRe X

    SpecTRe X

     6 days ago

    It isn't really a question of if it can be done, but how practically can it be done. This is essentially how carburetors used to work and how fuel injection/propane engines currently work (except for the mix ratios).

    The entire principle of combustion engines is blending air and fuel into the optimal ratio to combust and produce mechanical power. Obviously there are downsides to doing it this way, as there was with carbs back in the day, but the principle is sound.

  • Scotty


     6 days ago

    Use it for yourself just don't sell it