Tyler Herro 45 Point Triple Double! Trash Talkers Can't Stop Kentucky Commit!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 3, 2018
  • Tyler Herro watched Whitnall's Wisconsin Divisioin 2 playoff run last season as a junior as he was out with injury.
    This season, the Kentucky-bound senior is on FIRE! Opponents are throwing multiple defenders and defenses at Herro and his teammates, but Whitnall is still winning and Herro is putting up monster numbers!
    According to Whitnall sources, Tyler Herro finished with 45 points before exiting with 4 minutes to go (31 in the first half) on his way to a triple-double as host Whitnall defeated Bay View 76-52 in
    their WIAA regional semifinal. Herro grabbed 17 rebounds to go with 12 assists!
    All this happened after opposing coaches asked to face Whitnall when the tournament was seeded. You'll see both teams were trash-talking back and forth from the opening tip.
    Tyler Herro made 4 3s and hit all 12 free throws. This was his 8th game of 40+ points (in 20 games) this season.
    He's averaging over 33 points on the season. Next up Whitnall faces New Berlin Eisenhower who they beat earlier in the season.
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Svbc35qaXGs


  • christopher yasus

    christopher yasus

     20 hours ago

    3:21 lol that scream

  • christopher yasus

    christopher yasus

     20 hours ago



  • Ronny Man Beats

    Ronny Man Beats

     21 hours ago

    Definition of a stud

  • Addison yoboi

    Addison yoboi


    Everyone in the white jerseys are white and everyone in the black jerseys are black

  • SHXCK_ Vape

    SHXCK_ Vape

     3 days ago

    3:50 acts tough then flops for calls

  • 5 shisisters

    5 shisisters

     5 days ago

    it’s like trump vs obama

  • GDK


     5 days ago

    Who tf is that bitch screaming 😂

  • Bob Sullvian

    Bob Sullvian

     6 days ago

    Bubbles from trailer park boys in crowd

  • Scott Blanton

    Scott Blanton

     6 days ago

    Smoked him at 9:53

  • Kyle Allen

    Kyle Allen

     7 days ago

    He's cocky but he good

  • StyleZz


     14 days ago +1

    I wonder why both teams were playing shirtless

  • Nathan Smith

    Nathan Smith

     14 days ago

    Freaking bubbles at 7:35

  • Alyssa Victoria

    Alyssa Victoria

     14 days ago

    omg what a beast

  • Brizzy


     14 days ago +1

    This was a year ago. This guy in the NBA now

  • Sean Faska

    Sean Faska

     14 days ago

    That move at 2:02... YIKES. That’s when he knew they weren’t losing lol

  • sanfranman242001


     14 days ago +1

    Crazy development, this was less than 2 years ago, went from this to Kentucky, now tearing it up in the NBA

  • I’m God

    I’m God

     14 days ago +3

    They were really flexing on a future NBA player 😂

  • D A

    D A

     14 days ago

    Crazy coming back to watch this, now he’s in the NBA shredding pro’s

  • Elsie The Cow

    Elsie The Cow

     14 days ago

    LOL #24 was a little bitch

  • Tony Ski

    Tony Ski

     14 days ago

    2018 hs, 2019 nba. Did he skip college ?