Worst Company Disasters! | Top 6 Blunders

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 2, 2016
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/T0Z73Zbtlyg


  • Mayhamsdead


     3 hours ago

    @ around 6:00 is another great example as to why it's mindboggling to literally anyone else around the planet that America STILL uses the Imperial System of measurement.


    LMAO @Ameritards :^)

  • TacticalBBQSauce



    Nokia made the OS they were working on open source eventually so it may return in some capacity one day

  • pslavi



    That's what happens when DUMB people are put in charge of significant business

  • Edgar Bikermas

    Edgar Bikermas

     2 days ago

    Apple ,FuKIA.
    Nokia in the %#&$lo

  • toniodotcom


     3 days ago

    You didn't mentioned the guy who sold Q-DOS to Bill Gates for a couple of grands.

  • Eternantium


     3 days ago

    Blockbuster in 2007 - "WE'RE GONNA MAKE IT!"
    James Keyes - "Hello, I'm here to ruin your entire career."

  • Rick Hackman

    Rick Hackman

     3 days ago

    Is part 2 going to be apple and GM?

  • Storm Pooper

    Storm Pooper

     3 days ago +1

    This video just taught me that boomers don't understand tech.

  • LC CL

    LC CL

     3 days ago

    so Steve Jobs was a spy who stole this technology from xerox.

  • LC CL

    LC CL

     3 days ago

    Xerox they had it all LOL but they lost it all.

  • LC CL

    LC CL

     3 days ago

    how is android goggle????? this video just said they are the same.

  • Aut Tark

    Aut Tark

     4 days ago

    Nokia mobile was killed inside and outside by microsoft. A succesfull linux based nokia mobile OS would have made it impossible for microsoft to do anything on the mobile market where apple and a droid already were active. This in return could even destroy windows as a desktop when Nokia would then also go full in on a mature Linux desktop PC OS. Not acceptable for Microsoft. After killing Nokia mobile, windows mobile died later. Very strange. Anyway the 'not switching to android' story here is an ultra dumb way to analyse this mobile OS 9/11.

  • PGT Beauregard

    PGT Beauregard

     5 days ago

    Limitations on space no doubt made them leave out these juicy blunders: 1-buying Snapple for a fortune and later dumping it for a loss; 2-Ford declined on buying VW for virtually nothing after the war; 3-Western Union declining the telephone, a new-fangled invention; 4-Edison placing its chips on DC and not Tesla's AC power system; 5-Commodore declining to takeover the IBM-DOS world when it was set up to do so; 6-and CPM, the operating system that might've been. Gates told IBM to see a professor who had the 1st DOS. He was out of town, his spouse uncomfortable with closing the deal with IBM. IBM called Gates, he said he'd find a new DOS, they got one cheap, and the rest is...

  • Chandler Dowers

    Chandler Dowers

     5 days ago

    I wish Blockbuster was still around.

  • Josie's Space

    Josie's Space

     5 days ago

    Oh my precious Lord. Xerox!! Oh no!

  • Christian Ledbetter

    Christian Ledbetter

     6 days ago

    this video is crap

  • Trevor Rogers

    Trevor Rogers

     6 days ago

    I still go to the Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon.

  • Rick Rude

    Rick Rude

     6 days ago

    kodak made money from its wildly profitable chemical division which it spun off. the market for digital cameras didn't come around for another 30 years after they invented the first. piracy killed blockbuster, not mail order netflix

    such a terribly uninformed video

  • Ty Ty

    Ty Ty

     7 days ago

    What fuck is nockia

  • robert mccully

    robert mccully

     7 days ago

    I use to go to blockbuster on a friday night after work and rent abot 6 movies.. Cost about 18 bucks,, they had the latest movies .
    Today cable cable a wifi cost about 200.00 and none of them have the latest movies. Life was much more simple then and cheaper.