GRETA (2019) Ending Explained

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 13, 2019
  • #greta #endingexplained

    In the suspense thriller GRETA, a young woman (Chloe Grace Moretz) finds a purse on a subway and makes friends with its owner. But she comes to learn that Greta is not at all what she appears, as she turns obsessive and violent.

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  • Tommy Salami

    Tommy Salami

     an hour ago

    The house that jack built would be a pretty cool explained

  • A2B


     2 days ago

    Greta is a bitch...

  • On Fleek-a-chu

    On Fleek-a-chu

     4 days ago

    Hahaha you two are adorable dorks :3

  • star bowie

    star bowie

     4 days ago +1

    You must be really stupid to not understand the ending of this movie lmao

  • ChikoMontez Xsherijatauna

    ChikoMontez Xsherijatauna

     6 days ago

    This channel is one of those I don't skip through the video but watch straight through.

  • ChikoMontez Xsherijatauna

    ChikoMontez Xsherijatauna

     6 days ago

    "Leaving a big mom sized hole in her life"
    That's.... one way to say it :o

  • Han Han Attard

    Han Han Attard

     6 days ago

    The cat at the end: Aight ima head out

  • zionna pool

    zionna pool

     6 days ago

    Would if it was a man who picked up the bag?🙃

  • ancientsociety79


     7 days ago

    If Greta was supposed to return to Hungary after losing her nursing job, why was she not held by the authorities after her violent outburst at the restaurant?

  • omegastar19


     7 days ago

    In other words, this movie has an idiot plot.

  • Corrupt Camerupt

    Corrupt Camerupt

     7 days ago

    what would have happened if a guy returned the purse?

  • Eduardo Arvizu

    Eduardo Arvizu

     7 days ago

    I love your videos, yet i find myself unconsciously disliking them, because of those GOD AWFUL not funny, just cringy skits at the end. I for real love the videos ive binge watched lots of them, but as soon as i see a skit at the end which is ALWAYS cringy and not funny at all, I just pause the video and dislike it, to my suprise I do it almost without even realising, they not funny stop it.

  • Noire. Lace;

    Noire. Lace;

     7 days ago +3

    Every time he said Stephanie instead of Samantha, I died a little inside.

  • Jenny O

    Jenny O

     14 days ago +1

    he said pupper

  • Dany XD

    Dany XD

     14 days ago

    I feel so sad for Morton:(

  • Ticci Toby

    Ticci Toby

     14 days ago

    Is Greta’s dog okay though?

  • Hoping for the best. Believe

    Hoping for the best. Believe

     14 days ago

    Dude she's an old women just shaw shank her and get outta there . GOD ! Y'all that weak?

  • John Ryan Parman

    John Ryan Parman

     14 days ago

    the cat walking out the room at the end. "Humans and their shenanigans"

  • Tj H

    Tj H

     14 days ago

    5:36 then she stared makin' trouble in the neighbourhood...

  • H B I C

    H B I C

     21 days ago

    Ending explained: entire plot of the movie