10 Products You Wouldn't Expect to be Made out of Chocolate!



  • artemis322


     15 hours ago

    so I looked up food poisoning cause I was gonna link mathius to prove he's wrong. ended up finding out you can get food poisoning through viruses.

  • Tehya Johnson

    Tehya Johnson

     21 hours ago


  • saruwatari shohei

    saruwatari shohei


    regular chocolate, the best chocolate

  • 13Dragon



    So, I'm British, and my family and I have been on holiday to the States quite a few times. One of my favourite memories was when we went out to eat at the Rainforest Cafe in Disneyworld, and my gran ordered something with 'chips', and the waiter looked really confused, then, when they brought our meals over, they'd served her with actual Lay's crisps. I actually love you Americans for changing up the meaning of the word 'chips' XD
    Also, there actually is a difference between fries and chips. Fries are the thin, American ones, but chips are the thick ones you tend to get in, for example, a portion of fish and chips.

  • Ngatokotoru Tuionetoa

    Ngatokotoru Tuionetoa

     2 days ago

    best vid ever shout out pls

  • John Gaming8406

    John Gaming8406

     2 days ago

    i did

  • haatwerken


     2 days ago

    Old show back please

  • Magic trick Tips

    Magic trick Tips

     2 days ago

    replay the first second over an d over

  • Char 18299

    Char 18299

     3 days ago

    I....I live in Texas Q-Q

  • hello_there


     3 days ago

    imagine if the fries WERE plastic in the burger and they were inedible

  • XXXhorribledrawer XXX

    XXXhorribledrawer XXX

     4 days ago

    I love it when Matt is shook😂😂

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    Tonja Wise

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  • sheree mathews

    sheree mathews

     4 days ago

    Its a pit

  • dean giaquinta

    dean giaquinta

     5 days ago

    hello does Tanner hide thing in his beard

  • Juliana Primanto

    Juliana Primanto

     5 days ago

    oxidation is when something has a chemical reaction with oxygen and causes that thing to change to a reddish orangish color or have rust

  • Elissa Christian

    Elissa Christian

     5 days ago

    It’S a PiT!!!! 😂

  • joseph sonora

    joseph sonora

     5 days ago

    Hears to one of the most vaped but very funny shows on you tube .

  • AaronTheCrafty


     5 days ago

    15:13 lol best part ever

  • Alison Ruhter

    Alison Ruhter

     5 days ago

    You guys are so dumb its funny.

  • Malillany Madrigal

    Malillany Madrigal

     5 days ago

    I have been waiting since all to see those little things behind Matthias they look like sodas