Susan Boyle an unlikely superstar (subtitled)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 6, 2011
  • Susan Boyle an unlikely superstar (subtitled)
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  • Riki Newton

    Riki Newton

     3 years ago +119

    Susan you are a legend - with the voice of angels. God bless you sweetheart & thank you for the music. Peace be with you forever. Rxxxxx

  • Chrissy M

    Chrissy M

     3 years ago +103

    I love you Susan, not only for how talented you are, or the joy your talent brings to the world, but showing me, 46 year old , I can dream the dream, even through you.
    Thank you ever so much Susan and God bless you, I truly pray that vital person in your life will be as real as you. Thank you Simon Cowell for making this happen too and being humble about it, God bless you too.

  • Bonzo


     2 years ago +201

    who wants to live in a castle?it's drafty 😂 she is such a sweetheart.

  • Joey


     2 years ago +388

    She has a sense of humor too. Pay attention to her short sentences, they are amazing. I think she is smart and she doesn't know of it because she was laughed at by bullies when she was young.

  • Samnoelpearce Samadhi

    Samnoelpearce Samadhi

     2 years ago +96

    Susan, you just make me smile inside. . . You have made such a difference on this planet. Your voice and who you are has healed so many people :)

  • Mark Morgan

    Mark Morgan

     5 years ago +424

    All I can say is?... "How can anyone NOT love this woman?" She is truly amazing!

  • Rayna Obanion

    Rayna Obanion

     2 years ago +167

    I'm so glad she has people around her who are good to her. I really like her manager. he seems to genuinely care about her and watches over her. God Bless them all.

  • Renata N-A

    Renata N-A

     3 years ago +163

    I love Susan, wonderful movie! God with be her all life!

  • Catherine Melnyk

    Catherine Melnyk

     a years ago +235

    I think the main reason we don't hear much about Susan Boyle anymore is because she loves to perform at places to help raise money for various causes. We almost NEVER hear of the good things that people do. I would imagine that Susan feels she has made enough money to last her several lifetimes. God bless you Susan and thank you for making the rest of us with Asperger Syndrome feel like we belong in the human race!

  • Lyudmyla Pikulyk

    Lyudmyla Pikulyk

     2 years ago +75

    thank you suzan. you make my day. i am very happy when i hear your songs.

  • Leonie Diana Francis

    Leonie Diana Francis

     10 months ago +205

    What a lovely documentary and I'd rather watch Susan Boyall for 24 hours then watch one episode of The Kardashians no comparison by the way

  • Veronica Kamau

    Veronica Kamau

     3 years ago +127

    Thank you Jesus for her bless her soul...

  • abla hanan

    abla hanan

     2 years ago +63

    a heart-warming documentary, thank you

  • Weronikka Duszynski

    Weronikka Duszynski

     2 years ago +298

    i hope they'll make a movie out of her life!

  • Mary Cahill

    Mary Cahill

     a years ago +108

    I don't see anything slow about her at all. She has lots of common sense and is quite well grounded. Susan is gong to be around for a long time to come.

  • Barbara Dyson

    Barbara Dyson

     2 years ago +270

    shes an example to these so called super stars who think of nothing but themselves.They should be ashamed. She puts the super into super star

  • Sonny James

    Sonny James

     4 years ago +244

    I feel like Simon actually has a deep respect for this woman it's great! He doesn't sound like an asshole he sounds like a British gentleman

  • Maria Mckenna

    Maria Mckenna

     2 years ago +466

    I couldnt feel more excited and so happy for Susan. A woman who has been bullied her whole life. Made to feel like she wasnt much of anything.. Made to believe that she was brain damaged at birth...a stigma that followed her until her 50's when it was discovered she had a form of autism. Even though she bullied n made to feel she didnt really matter Susan never lost her dream. Never lost her sense if humour. Remain a kind woman who bothered no one. Than one day her life did a 360. She entered Britians Got Talent. As usual in her life when she walked on that stage...people were laughing at her. Making fun of the things she said. Than suddenly she open her mouth and began to sing...She shocked the world... To have the courage to stand on that stage in front of all those people.. always being mocked who entire life shows a woman who believed in herself and never let anyone keep her from reaching her dream. God Bless You Susan

  • Georgia Andrea

    Georgia Andrea

     3 years ago +43

    Would love to meet her someday. She seems like a wonderful person to be with.

  • Chris


     2 years ago +200

    susan is a woman who had been bullied and insulted all her life...and in exchange she shared her beautiful healing voice to the world!!! what a lovely woman she is...she never store grudges or anything towards people or life! and God lifted her up...God works in her life mysterioulsy so people can see the wondrous of His promise!!