Susan Boyle an unlikely superstar (subtitled)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 6, 2011
  • Susan Boyle an unlikely superstar (subtitled)
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  • Catherine Melnyk

     1 years ago

    I think the main reason we don't hear much about Susan Boyle anymore is because she loves to perform at places to help raise money for various causes. We almost NEVER hear of the good things that people do. I would imagine that Susan feels she has made enough money to last her several lifetimes. God bless you Susan and thank you for making the rest of us with Asperger Syndrome feel like we belong in the human race!

  • Amy Abbey

     3 months ago

    Catherine Melnyk

  • King M Kangleicha

     3 months ago

    I dont think she cares about money that much.

  • Mark Morgan

     5 years ago

    All I can say is?... "How can anyone NOT love this woman?" She is truly amazing!

  • Tracie Tackett

     5 months ago

    Susan people assume our loved ones don't know is going on in our lives but they are veery aware of us. I am sure your family is so prouď

  • Tracie Tackett

     5 months ago

    Mark Morgan I love her fairy tale.

  • Chrissy M

     3 years ago

    I love you Susan, not only for how talented you are, or the joy your talent brings to the world, but showing me, 46 year old , I can dream the dream, even through you.Thank you ever so much Susan and God bless you, I truly pray that vital person in your life will be as real as you. Thank you Simon Cowell for making this happen too and being humble about it, God bless you too.

  • Bill Fink

     1 years ago

    Chrissy M y

  • Leonie Diana Francis

     8 months ago

    What a lovely documentary and I'd rather watch Susan Boyall for 24 hours then watch one episode of The Kardashians no comparison by the way

  • Bontu Belachew

     4 months ago

    She’s way sweet, natural and honest! But the world follows crowd and plastic personalities

  • Carolyn Sparks

     5 months ago


  • Bonzo

     1 years ago

    who wants to live in a castle?it's drafty 😂 she is such a sweetheart.

  • Pamela Jefferies

     4 months ago

    Bonzo if we could always be such a lovely hearted person . She has a beautiful spirit and soul . People like her are easily taken advantaged of . God blessed her when all had been taken away from her . May people be protective of her . Love you Susan from East Tennessee.

  • Alice

     5 months ago

    Look what happened to Ginger spice when she lived in a castle...

  • Rayna Obanion

     2 years ago

    I'm so glad she has people around her who are good to her. I really like her manager. he seems to genuinely care about her and watches over her. God Bless them all.

  • Vajra Kilaya

     2 months ago

    NO. They care only about their bank account. These vampires are making millions off her and feigning care. There is zero heart in this industry. Youre seeing what you want to see. Not the truth.

  • Brad Wilson

     4 months ago

    Yes Simon really does care for her

  • Sonny James

     4 years ago

    I feel like Simon actually has a deep respect for this woman it's great! He doesn't sound like an asshole he sounds like a British gentleman

  • gaberwoky kerfuffle

     4 months ago

    @Red Poetry-So happy that you see Simon as a good person. I do too. I don't understand why so many people dislike him. Of course he money. But he has given others successful careers which made them rich and famous. And treated them fairly.

  • Red Poetry

     5 months ago

    Sonny James I love Simon, always have... because I could see his heart 💜.

  • Alif Imran

     3 years ago

    well, she did bring me tears.. and i am really hard to break into tears.. she inspired me tremendously

  • Eva Lu

     7 days ago

    Alif Imran ...something about her makes me get very emotional. I break into tears just thinking about her. She is an amazing woman. God bless Susan Boyle. 💕🙏😍

  • Sam Noel Pearce

     2 years ago

    Susan, you just make me smile inside. . . You have made such a difference on this planet. Your voice and who you are has healed so many people :)

  • Harry Inkpot

     1 years ago

    Sam Noel Pearce she gives hope anything is possible.A bullied middle aged woman not given with looks Austin look at her now miracle never give up

  • Maria Scholten

     2 years ago

    Sam Noel Pearce yes!😄❤️

  • Anthony Fellow

     3 years ago

    She is truly God's gift to the world.

  • Stu Mack

     5 months ago

    Who is Hillary Clinton?

  • Violet Davidson

     2 years ago

    Susan has come a long way and deserves all the very best good luck in all you do in future still got a great career ahead of you brilliant singer long may you to entertain us all but you nèd time and support olso God bless vi xx