Stephen And A Team Of Expert Builders Get Started On Trump's Wall

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 11, 2017
  • Stephen discuss Trump's border wall plans and costs with an architect, an engineer, an interior designer and a concrete guy.

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  • Depcom


     11 hours ago

    The idiot must take all of Social Security and the National Defense budget to get this wall started. Meanwhile over half our senior citizens on social security will starve to death, our armed forces will crumble and all of our fighting men and women will go AWOL, and our country will be ripe for the pickings by Vladimir Putin, trumps real boss. And this is how trump Makes America Great Again, by turning t over to the Russian empire. cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo

  • Lance Lee

    Lance Lee

     14 hours ago

    Finish that wall!!.. Making progress!.. 👍.. God Bless Trump! God Bless Texas!.. And God Bless America!.. 🇨🇱🇺🇸

  • Paul R.

    Paul R.

     16 hours ago

    Trump can't have a steel wall. His tariffs make the wall even more expensive.

  • Knight Watchman

    Knight Watchman

     22 hours ago

    Colbert is a Communist.

  • Gustavo Mora

    Gustavo Mora


    La estupidez de Trump me asombra

  • Napoleon Bonaparte

    Napoleon Bonaparte

     yesterday +2

    That worked out for him, didn’t it?

  • Yasmin Naik

    Yasmin Naik


    This is still funny un 2019

  • Zach Orrell

    Zach Orrell


    If Trump had any sense and concern for the safety of this country he wouldn't have become president in the first place, understanding that his completely lack of experience in politics outside the petty handlings that went hand in hand with his many failed ventures and scams. The greatest threat to our country is the president himself. Im a gun owner, I support gun control to a logical extent like background checks but am not giving up my assault rifles because that will only affect us law abiding citizens rather than the moron who doesn't care about the law period. Nothing wrong g with having safe boarders but no project proposed in the name of safety should be entertained as a possible success if it's achievement comes at the sacrifice of common sense, intelligence, competence, and compromising human decency hurting others in the process, especially those who's best interest is compromised by the very project that was meant to secure that same interest.

  • Alex Xander

    Alex Xander

     2 days ago

    All you need is to look at the former inner german border,
    Worked quite well, just a few managed to pass it.

  • Pure Gospel

    Pure Gospel

     2 days ago

    How long will these stupid comedians be allowed to spew false political rhetoric? I guess Money is more important than truth to these sewer rats in the entertainment industry who were nothing to begin with but now consider themselves intellectual political pundits because they now have a platform supported by mindless avid followers. Colbert claims to be a Christian and a bible study teacher so he needs to dig into his bible and study Romans 13.

  • Ankit Trivedi

    Ankit Trivedi

     2 days ago

    Great counting. Thank you.

  • John Harrington

    John Harrington

     3 days ago

    Since the wall would cost 60 billion and take 10 years, lawsuits from landowners and enviromental groups etc etc, the entire thing is an utter joke. Trump has no game, no plan, is myopic beyond belief and can't even wipe the shit from his chin after it spews from his mouth. A bigoted diversion that appeals to his bigoted base that reside in the cheapest seats of Trumps circus. Ann Coulter and Rush Limbough have more power than 3/4 of all Americans. Not exactly what the founding fathers envisioned I'm sure. And since he had two years to fund whatever he wanted with his pansy ass house of facists, he can't now blame another party, he had his choice on what to focus on, he picked taking healthcare from people, circle jerking with the Russians and giving tax breaks to billionaires.

  • albert castillo

    albert castillo

     3 days ago

    Wanted experience Chinese wall builders. A.S.A.P Head south look for brown people running north. Make ovens Mexican need not apply.

  • Lindalee Law

    Lindalee Law

     3 days ago

    Yes, you will use algebra and geometry lol

  • Jerry Vanhees

    Jerry Vanhees

     3 days ago

    Rock climbing wall

  • Ret1173


     3 days ago

    CBS continues to allow raging leftard Colbert to spew his ugly agenda in the name of "comedy" instead of simply entertaining America despite losing to Fallon's Tonight show in the ratings.....can't imagine he lasts very long in that position.

  • Mike Perry

    Mike Perry

     3 days ago

    These are the dumbest people I have ever seen ..... However wouldn't expect anything less from Dumbass Colbert

  • Mike Perry

    Mike Perry

     3 days ago

    WTF does a interior designer have to do with anything

  • Dave The Mace

    Dave The Mace

     3 days ago

    Hollywood is X-Sperts they don't get a Hard on anymore.,...

  • casper yuri

    casper yuri

     3 days ago

    01:55 actually 100 feet, when I was studying English, I am told that feet is plural of foot. 1 foot, more than 1 is feet, for example 2 feet, 5 feet, 7 feet 5, 5 feet 10 (Bruce lee), 100 feet. Like teeth, 1 tooth, 32 teeth, 19 teeth. How come not many people say 5 tooth, I never hear 5 tooth but I heard 5 foot all the time.