Gordon Ramsay Gets Into An Argument With A Delusional Owner | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 16, 2019
  • Source: https://youtu.be/TLxy6CukpkI


  • protestifications

     4 months ago

    Donkey: "you probably pay 10 people to do it all for you"Gordon: "I listen to the phone every morning to see how fully booked we are"REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKT

  • bmaster461603

     22 days ago

    Gordon Hollis this isn’t a chili’s.

  • Sonny Jackson

     25 days ago

    @Vortex1988 and that becomes even more true when the food sucks

  • Zhan Li Voo

     4 months ago

    Notice how Gordon doesn't flex about his Michelin stars when he's trying to reason with the dumbasses here

  • Augustine Minimbi


    @I am Lion Man I vividly remember this show. Typical American dumbfuckery

  • Games Cooky

     12 days ago

    That's unneccessary. You don't need michelin stars to run a successful restaurant.

  • Carlos Ace

     4 months ago

    Staff: we need help Gordon: the food sucksStaff: no it doesn't

  • El Chapo

     3 days ago

    That’s the plot to most of these episodes 😂😂

  • Scamaz

     6 days ago

    I like that a lot of the places Gordon visits the staff think the food is good but in truth it's absolute garbage.

  • PhantØm

     4 months ago

    “No, I listen to phone every morning to see how fully booked I am.” The sly roast

  • C More

     6 days ago


  • NiggaChickenSticks

     28 days ago

    But not his plastic surgeon

  • MindBlown Chef

     4 months ago

    One guy In the kitchen? that’s ridiculous!!! And the managers are kicking back drinking beers with the guests.... awesome 👏 😒🤯

  • GoneExpired

     2 months ago

    jojo Gives me slight nostalgia from my old workplace

  • jojo

     2 months ago

    pretty standard shit tbh, managers bullshitting and drinking happens at a lot of restaurants

  • Mara Lorca

     4 months ago

    Owner had the nerve to say, "Did I stutter?" at Gordon. 🤦

  • hislież

     14 days ago

    *getting The Office flashbacks*

  • Yassin Ahmed

     16 days ago

    Aditya Singh ahhh yes thank you for your wise words. Have a good day and I hope the hate in your heart leaves you

  • The Deans

     4 months ago

    “Mike tries to presentate the food...” I think the word you’re looking for is present.

  • Joe Anton

     2 months ago

    @Special Ed don't you mean offendated?

  • Chris Rivera

     4 months ago

    When Gordon clears the room you know he's about to destroy this man

  • Kurachi84

     4 months ago

    now to get out of this super strong and heavy armor.... can anyone help me?

  • Otto Karl

     4 months ago

    "I don't need to ask people if they like the food, I just listen to the phone every morning checking how booked I am"That burn was probably hotter than 75% of the food that gets produced in Kitchen Nightmares.

  • It’s Gamer o’Clock

     19 days ago

    Can you at least quote it correctly

  • RedstonerProductions

     1 months ago

    @Sen And the other 10% is nuked in the microwave

  • Jana Manuel

     4 months ago

    Restaurant: Our food is the best!*food gets sent back*Restaurant: Stupid customers!

  • BadAssMutha006

     4 months ago

    Jana Manuel Restaurant: Everyone loves our food!Customers: This food sucks. Send it back.