WoW Vanilla Patch 1.1 - What Was It Like?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 16, 2017
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  • Huntmaster Gutentag

     1 years ago

    yes, but where is mankrik's wife?

  • Drakkenmensch Silverflare

     7 months ago


  • Be

     7 months ago

    @nuclearping lol!Anal [Eviscerate]

  • Meephie

     1 years ago

    Another thing about hunters Feign Death, if you stayed feigned for the full duration of the timer, you would actually die when it ran out. Learnt that the hard way lol

  • Devious Verendus

     6 months ago

    You basically held your breath I guess :P

  • Joe Bon

     8 months ago

    I remember learning that the hard way back in the day as well. Good times!

  • Zachary Licht

     1 years ago

    Rules to playing Vanilla WoW:1. Roll a warrior, rogue, or mage2. Play Disturbed in the background and make sure your fellow raiders can hear it over your headset.3. Call everyone else a noob even though everyone, including yourself, was a noob4. You run from elite mobs in the open world.5. Make sure you have food with you, you're gonna need it

  • Justin Goldsmith

     2 months ago

    I listened to KoRn back then on my Undead Rogue because I was edgy as fuck!Now I’m married with a kid and I play a priest and listen to Coldplay.

  • No Body

     6 months ago

    Zachary Licht is

  • Keine Angabe

     7 months ago

    Wait, if Battlegrounds didn't exist, how could pets not be revived in battlegrounds?

  • Skankhunt42

     11 days ago

    Keine Angabe he clearly said “in a later stage in the game”

  • MonsterKat

     10 months ago

    When did Druid’s changing form break every type of CC and stun? I miss that... PS we just used to embrace all this stuff even if some was annoying lol!

  • Eddie V

     1 years ago

    As a vanilla hunter, I remember you could go tame rare beast and they would be stronger and retain stronger skills than your average joe beast.

  • WegZurHölle

     7 months ago

    Correct, and rare animals meant rare. For example i remember a lion in bracklands, which you would have to kill as a quest, but if you finish the quest, this is gone as a pet.

  • Trip Nils

     9 months ago

    Lupos if shadow damage is not fixed > Brokentooth > Bloodaxe WorgTechnically you want all of them bc Lupos/Brokentooth is only really good with Bite rank 8 from Bloodaxe Worg in UBRS

  • elmirza

     1 years ago

    "Yea, thats right""Oh yea""I know, its really hard to grasp""Let that sink in for a moment""Yea, you guessed it"

  • Jester Azazel

     1 years ago

    Wow, I thought that was all in my head, but I remember when they gave absolutely no help for quest objectives. They say kill 5 bats, and you just have to figure out where the damn bats are. I ended up getting something called the WoW Cartographer, and it felt like such a huge advantage. I also remember needing to sit down and eat and drink constantly... They really dragged that shit out when there was only 60-70 levels. Fighting a single elite was difficult, I could only do it with certain classes. D...

  • Okipouros

     9 months ago

    That +21 intellect gave a reason for every druid in the game to say "shadow craft is also meant for druids"

  • Andros Luengo

     1 years ago

    I think nobody ever asked for patch 1.1, people asked for vanilla, which means, before burning crusade. Not before all patches to fix vanilla....

  • Jean Cule

     6 months ago

    we want 1.1 content but not 1.1 patchThat's what all the private servers do

  • BookCade NB

     7 months ago

    @jonnnney I'm not against that at all, I'm referring to all the general Bug fixes, Class Tuning, etc that the final Patch of Vanilla would have (before the Pre-TBC nerf). So maybe Blizz could figure out how to leave the higher difficulty in while fixing all the problems.