Boy who stutters BLOWS AWAY The Voice coaches | STORIES #30

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 4, 2018
  • Harrison Craig has stuttered all his life. He did get picked at his stuttering and had therapy. Since he wants to be a solo artist, he is singing his heart out. Can he make all Voice coaches turn?

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  • Ej


     an hour ago

    Im in love

  • Aly  Julmiste

    Aly Julmiste

     an hour ago

    People that stutters don't stutter when they are singing or reading along with someone else even if the other person stutters as well. This was discovered in the east 1900. When I learned about it and did more research on it, I was able fix the issue. It can be hereditary due to the the anatomy inside the mouth that can be corrected by a speech pathologist. But if it's neurological it can't be corrected by a speech pathologist. If you're luck it might be a tad better, but I have seen in some situations where it was made worst.

  • TheQuestioning_ Artist

    TheQuestioning_ Artist

     an hour ago

    Did anyone have to take a double take cause he's handsome and for a moment he looked like Zac effron to me.

  • Linirini


     2 hours ago

    His voice sounds like it's right out of a Disney movie I AM SHOOK

  • Karie Jo

    Karie Jo

     2 hours ago

    This story brought me to tears. My son is special needs, and I have a thing for anyone that has something they struggle with from day to day, just trying to fit in. The only struggle he'll have from this day forward, is deciding which record label he wants to sign on with. Also, seeing his little brother so emotional...I have no words, just goosebumps. ❤️💙🎵🎶

  • bobbie gayfield

    bobbie gayfield

     2 hours ago

    Am i the only one who got goosebumps

  • Memez For dayz

    Memez For dayz

     2 hours ago

    I saw him and he my reaction was wow when he opened his mouth

  • Olivia Driver

    Olivia Driver

     2 hours ago

    The look on Ricky Martin's face when he saw Harrison. Seal was blown away.

  • Neha Fernandes

    Neha Fernandes

     4 hours ago

    He has amazing eyebrows. Oh yeah and a great voice. and face 👌

  • Bts is life

    Bts is life

     4 hours ago +1

    He reminds me of a Ken doll

  • mollie beth

    mollie beth

     6 hours ago

    He’s so freaking wow 😍

  • Bernadette Heavey

    Bernadette Heavey

     6 hours ago

    Sooooooo enchanting

  • Clara Bonon

    Clara Bonon

     7 hours ago

    He's the next Zac Efron

  • tbandra


     8 hours ago

    The next Josh Grohban, cheers mate!

  • Thawal Yumnam

    Thawal Yumnam

     8 hours ago

    I am GAY and i i got a chance to marry him i would love to... Bcoz his voice make my heart beat so fast... Omggggg...

  • Maddy 345

    Maddy 345

     9 hours ago

    😦🤯 Jesus take the wheel my hormones can’t be trusted

  • Serena


     9 hours ago


  • the real person

    the real person

     9 hours ago +1

    The whole time I’m just thinking plz date me😂

  • captured.


     10 hours ago

    Is it just me or does he look like Danny Gonzalez on YT?

  • Ceri Grey

    Ceri Grey

     10 hours ago

    His little brother crying melted my heart