Yogi and Boo-Boo took refuge in a schoolyard and evaded rescue for weeks until...

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 29, 2018
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    We would LOVE to keep this pair together, so please SHARE their rescue video, and if you would like to adopt them or know someone who might be interested in adopting them, please contact our friends at Pal Rescue: http://www.palrescue.org

    Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo Bear have been living on the streets for a while, and a whole neighborhood tried to save them, but had no luck... these two little dogs were so scared of people and they would just run away.

    When we got the call on the Hope For Paws line, we rushed to the location, but on that first day we couldn't even find them. It was over 100 degrees outside, so we just created a secure enclosure. The janitor was so kind and offered to keep an eye on them, and he promised that as soon as they go into the enclosure, he will seal the dogs in.

    It took 28 hours for the dogs to follow our trail of food, and the Janitor got them for us. Loreta and I rushed back to the location, but discovered that the gates were already closed, and so we had to improvise :-)

    After skipping that tall fence, we got to work. Like gladiators, we entered the ring, and Loreta threw the net on Yogi who was the leader of this little pack. Boo-Boo got really nervous, he came to check on his best friend, he barked at us, but there was nothing he could have done.

    Loreta and I quickly secured Yogi, and then it was time to get Boo-Boo. He tried to escape, but Loreta was faster. The threw the net, but tripped and fell hard on her knee...

    Working together we secured this little guy and he joined his friend. My car was full with so much equipment and fencing that we had to use a small cage for them, but we knew it was a small price to pay for 20 minutes - especially considering the amazing lives they will have ahead.

    We need YOUR help with finding them a loving forever home.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/TT4PYUxmTxQ


  • William Hunter

    William Hunter

     2 hours ago

    Eldad, you need to get some elbow and knee pads for Loreta. Get her some gloves too. Also, she deserves receive another Purple Heart. Good job, Loreta.

  • Uniquely-mediocre


     5 hours ago

    Those doggos were a gay couple, idk wat u say this is wat I believe and it's so adorable

  • Sarah Harshman

    Sarah Harshman

     13 hours ago

    At my school all the sixth graders had to do a projects on what they are passionate about and we had to present it at our school my project was about animal rescuing because that is what I want to be when I grown up, I didn't get that many people to look at my project though but thank you all for helping these animals.:)

  • Tony P

    Tony P

     17 hours ago

    Loreta is a trooper. Eldad sure is lucky to have a partner like her. What a wonderful team they make. A huge part of why I watch these vids is to see the animals transformed at the end. You can see that a little love and care goes a long way. Good job HFP crew and everyone who fosters these animals. You are a special kind of human beings.

  • Rainbow Fox

    Rainbow Fox

     22 hours ago

    3 weeks ago
    Armando Perez - they went together to the most fantastic home and they live in absolute luxury and are treated like little princes and showered with love

  • Beth Krystofiak

    Beth Krystofiak


    5dollars for a pet?😐🤔

  • John Molvanian

    John Molvanian


    Another great video. These two apparently had fleas but you just washed them. Sometimes you shave them. What is the main reason for shaving dogs?

  • Aaron


     yesterday +1

    i love you people , god bless you and thankyou

  • Divine_Dwell 24

    Divine_Dwell 24

     2 days ago +1

    Why don't you adopt dogs instead of buying them

  • Erivelton Santos

    Erivelton Santos

     2 days ago +1


  • LoneWolf Merquise

    LoneWolf Merquise

     3 days ago

    LORETA be careful in ladder good job jaja hype doggies good video

  • Rani Kurniasari

    Rani Kurniasari

     4 days ago

    Again, loretta

  • Luis Vidal

    Luis Vidal

     4 days ago

    I need your number I found 1dog

  • Eric Valente

    Eric Valente

     5 days ago

    Ther so cute i wish i can adopt them but im to far away😭😭😭

  • Dona Radityo

    Dona Radityo

     5 days ago

    Loreta,, U r such an Angel...
    U r gorgeous n have a beautiful heart. God bless you Loreta. And you too Eldad, an Angel in human body. Both of u..

  • Shaidur Rahman

    Shaidur Rahman

     5 days ago

    There’s people out there earning a quarter of a million a week for kicking a ball about, then there’s these guys

  • Martin Visser

    Martin Visser

     5 days ago

    Didn't know mister Mackay did animal rescue..:)

  • jessica alvarez

    jessica alvarez

     5 days ago

    Hope is always there

  • Michael Stillwell

    Michael Stillwell

     6 days ago

    So cute when they press their faces togethor

  • Blake Lewis

    Blake Lewis

     6 days ago

    Ranger Rick finally wins the day!