Baby accidentally given to wrong couple reunited with real parents - BBC News

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 2, 2016
  • A couple who were given the wrong baby by a hospital in El Salvador a year ago, have finally been allowed to travel home with the correct child. Rich Cushworth - who is British - and his wife, Mercedes - were only given a birth certificate for their son Moses a few days ago. They landed back home in Dallas, Texas this week where they have been speaking exclusively to our correspondent Matthew Price.Please subscribe HERE State's 'Most Wanted' In Pictures Hitters Good News
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  • Kat Williams

     3 months ago

    They better sue the shit out of that hospital. That’s all.

  • Ala

     7 days ago

    They have to

  • Amina Khan

     9 days ago

    cbudzyn im pretty sure when she had this surgery she had to sign something if there was a possibility she could die .. if there was tho idek that’s just how we do it in the uk

  • Donna Castel

     2 months ago

    The original baby looks like a different race! I can’t see how this would happen! Hospital needs sued!

  • 000amp1

     5 days ago

    @D M Wow!! I am surprised at your case! I have never seen a brown child get lighter or a black haired child turn blond!!! It is common for a child's skin to darken and their hair get darker as they get older. First time I've heard of the reverse!!!

  • Kylee’s Kittens

     9 days ago

    Cookies and Rainbows they really don’t....

  • Clorox milkshake

     4 months ago

    She is such a sweet and loving mother. She still unconditionally loved the other baby like her own even after she found out the baby wasn't her's. 😢

  • Lana Joy

     11 days ago

    ma wee chickadee I don’t think she literally wanted to keep both, but she had grown attached to a baby that wasn’t hers knowing her actual child was somewhere out there. She knew another mother was suffering but she was put into this awful situation by someone else’s fuck up, she wanted the best for this child who she had poured her love and affection into. I get what you mean, but I also think due to her situation it’s understandable she felt a connection to both children. (I don’t know if I sound rud...

  • Iyrah Russell

     10 days ago

    This is why when my son was born, i made my partner follow him! Fuckkk this

  • cool kid


    Lol. I made my boyfriend do the same. And made sure my father walk behind him. LoL

  • ツShadow


    Iyrah Russell lucky assssss husband

  • Jessica

     2 years ago

    This makes me wonder... what if I was given to the wrong people😂

  • Sheila Stirling

     2 days ago

    I was switched at birth.  Luckily I was switched with a boy and both of our mom's each knew that one had a girl and one had a boy.  We both had the same last name with the same birthdate.  They just said oops and immediately switched us back.  I was briefly in the room with Michael Roberts' parents!

  • Ana C Dyminski

     4 days ago

    yes, and what if my real parents are billionaires?


     7 months ago

    Thank science for DNA tests!!! 🙌🙌🙌

  • Salina Asmelash

     7 days ago

    @Joannehinman Adomaviciajr amen

  • Joannehinman Adomaviciajr

     8 days ago

    @Salina Asmelash you are true and talking to joanne marie adomaviciajr I know my children are mine and I give birth 2 girls and that was the truth Amen

  • sheersheep

     6 months ago

    Typical that the mother would be ignored as being "hysterical," "under the influence of medication," etc. This is the type of misogyny that women experience constantly in the USA.

  • Ale Treva

     6 days ago

    You can never spare the feminist victimism....

  • Dariya

     28 days ago

    Not everything is because of misoginy, not everything is misoginy. And saying women who disagree with you have "internalized misoginy", like some women here have said, is the maximum level of bullshit and nothing but a way to silence different opinions.

  • D D

     6 months ago

    I don't understand why they remove the babies from the mother and put them in a separate room to begin with. Giving the mother a break is just stupidest reason ever, she just carried that baby around for 9 months and gave birth, the baby shouldn't leave the mother's side to the mother leaves the hospital and decides for herself! Then this monstrosity that has happened way to many times, would ever happen.

  • Tyler


    Ms. K G all that can happen in the room

  • trinity Kelleher

     8 days ago

    Ms. K G when my brother had I baby I was there for the labor and they did all that stuff in the same room

  • Jacqie Brodie

     1 months ago

    I saw an article recently where a maternity nurse admitted she had swapped around 500 babies for the pleasure of seeing the confusion on mother's faces how horrible sick woman.SO pleased both these couples got there babies back but so sad the hurt it caused

  • Cammiilio Sandra

     3 days ago

    You mean 5000 babies

  • J Long

     2 years ago

    Stupid hospital. Hope she sues.

  • Yarely Galvan

     8 days ago

    She did

  • Melisa Musenyi

     12 days ago