Baby accidentally given to wrong couple reunited with real parents - BBC News

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 2, 2016
  • A couple who were given the wrong baby by a hospital in El Salvador a year ago, have finally been allowed to travel home with the correct child. Rich Cushworth - who is British - and his wife, Mercedes - were only given a birth certificate for their son Moses a few days ago. They landed back home in Dallas, Texas this week where they have been speaking exclusively to our correspondent Matthew Price.

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  • Quantum Realm

    Quantum Realm

     9 hours ago +1

    This is HORRIBLE! I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

  • Trolers Nation

    Trolers Nation

     13 hours ago

    I hate it when employees of any place, be it a hospital or a store, don't admit or aren't open to the fact that they might have fked up. PEOPLE, when your baby is born, ready a pen and write your last name or a symbol on their feet to mark them as your own child!

  • hovawart16


     21 hours ago

    Another good reason to get rid of hospital well-baby nurseries. There is no reason to keep babies separated from their mothers.

  • George Sparks

    George Sparks


    Her poor baby was being fed bean burritos I bet you.

  • Ahmed Ismail

    Ahmed Ismail


    The husband is so cold and nonchalant-ish..

  • Pablo Acevedo

    Pablo Acevedo


    you dont notice because its such a subtle change day to day hour to hour min to min

  • VX ART

    VX ART


    when her baby is older, this is gonna be one hell of a story!

  • Sha Ingram

    Sha Ingram


    This is wrong on so many levels I’m disgusted with the hospital.

  • veronica carlson

    veronica carlson


    This made me cry, how terrible. At least it only sounds like 2 couples were involved and they didn't have to play baby shuffle with multiple people. Hope they are still able to keep in contact with Jacob.

  • J H

    J H


    It actually sounds normal on 1.25 speed so I think it was slowed down.

  • Carmencita Davis

    Carmencita Davis


    I wonder what the real mother of this baby is going through, because she's probably wondering what happened to her child too

  • Aleesha Williams

    Aleesha Williams

     2 days ago

    My baby is white as F*** and I know that he is still mine. What happened El Salvador? Ya'll don't have security bands? No wonder gente are leaving

  • Princess Dominique

    Princess Dominique

     2 days ago

    This why when I have a kid letting them know if u remove my baby from my room I’m suing straight up I’m letting them know they have no authority better bring all the gear u need right next to my face fuck outta here what if her baby got sick what if the family that had her someone had Herpes like wtf

  • U K

    U K

     2 days ago

    The hospital should be sued properly to ensure this NEVER happens again. Never again

  • Traveler


     2 days ago

    So they wanted to raise both babies? These folks are good.

  • Safe Life

    Safe Life

     2 days ago

    This story made me doubt my kids are really mine 😱

  • Angie V

    Angie V

     2 days ago

    In my hospital, my baby never left my room. They even put a bracelet on him with a chip so if anyone takes him out of my room the alarm goes off

  • Ana Mae

    Ana Mae

     2 days ago

    This actually happened in real life. It was more intense since they found it out when both of them.. both were my classmates.. when we were in highschool. It was intense. Our whole class cried.

  • O G

    O G

     2 days ago

    sadly mistakes happen, but i would want the hospitals to do is to provide dna test results with every mother and child when they leave home, so this way any mistake is caught in time.

  • Say Hello

    Say Hello

     3 days ago

    I had a very high risk pregnancy because of complete placenta previa and previous miscarriages. In total, I had 17 ultrasounds at a maternal-fetal medicine (high risk) center. Read that again: seventeen ultrasounds. I also had genetic and chromosomal testing during the second trimester. Well, my son was born 4 weeks early by emergency c-section in August 2019, and he was taken immediately to the NICU because he was having trouble breathing. They let him room in with me on his 4th night after his breathing improved. At 2:45am, a team consisting of a pediatrician, two nurses, and a med tech walked into our room. They told me they needed to take my son for an EKG and an ultrasound of his kidneys because they believed he might have congenital defects. “What?” I asked them, “How is that even possible? I had seventeen ultrasounds and all those genetic tests. You would have noticed something like that ahead of time!” They told me that when he was born, his umbilical cord didn’t have the correct number of blood vessels. I said again, “I remember his anatomy scan and they looked at the blood flow of the cord. Everything was perfect. What are you taking about?” Again, this was 2:45am. I was exhausted. I’d just had major surgery. I was drugged out of my mind. They took him for 3 hours and put him through all of these additional tests, all by himself. The next day, my personal Ob came by and I asked her and she was really confused because she too believed his anatomy was perfect based on his ultrasounds. A few hours later, the department chair and hospital administrator came in to apologize for MIXING MY SON UP WITH ANOTHER BABY. It was the other baby who needed all these tests, not mine. This happened in 2019 at a very prestigious hospital for high risk pregnancies. SMH.