SuperM : The Story of 'Jopping'

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  • Published on:  Friday, October 25, 2019
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  • Jada _Angeli

    Jada _Angeli

     8 hours ago

    21:27 YES

  • Leovii Permata ayida

    Leovii Permata ayida

     16 hours ago

    🍇 :"V

  • Kryshon Johnson

    Kryshon Johnson

     18 hours ago

    The way ten crawled at 17:00 was so cute!!!!

  • Tops BB

    Tops BB


    Still wowed. How much money did SM spend just for an MV? Dangggg

  • Zeitwort



    11:45 omg I‘m crying Jongin is so cute😭

  • Taeya speer 👺

    Taeya speer 👺


    take a shot every time mark says “like”

  • Yasumin Samranpong

    Yasumin Samranpong

     2 days ago

    Lucas at 16.50 be deadass checking himself out from the camera

  • Cheyenne Dawn

    Cheyenne Dawn

     2 days ago

    kai looks so sexy in the helicopter scene jesus christ

  • cloudy 61

    cloudy 61

     3 days ago

    22:42 HABIBI NUMBER ONE😂😭😭

  • rose_hung 808

    rose_hung 808

     3 days ago

    Taemin is like a mix of Kai and Ten. I'm sorry but I live in Hawaii.

  • nct dream as a fixed units

    nct dream as a fixed units

     3 days ago

    not even a single soul speaks about mark english in the beggining like yeah I know he often speak in english but everytime I hear him spek in english my heart just melted

  • nct's grass field

    nct's grass field

     3 days ago +3

    No one:

    Taeyong: I'm actually in the middle of a desert...

    I feel like Aladdin would show up

    oml this boy- Mark's reaction was literally me xD

  • D Brnl

    D Brnl

     4 days ago

    How I wish to be a motorcycle right now..... 24:01. Sorry not sorry.

  • Елена Кирбай

    Елена Кирбай

     4 days ago


  • Timmy Grace

    Timmy Grace

     4 days ago

    IF EXO Chen and Kim Soo Hyun would have sibling, it would be NCT Mark. The three had semblance. 😊

  • Victoria Postmus

    Victoria Postmus

     4 days ago

    11:44 omo omo omo the little scrunchy face omomomomomo

  • Bhunga Aulia

    Bhunga Aulia

     5 days ago +1

    I want to be a makeup artist of them:(

  • Sam Oli

    Sam Oli

     6 days ago +2

    Sooman is always around superm, I wonder if he’s that way with his other groups too, I don’t think so

  • Anna Howell

    Anna Howell

     7 days ago

    I enjoyed the Ocean's Eleven reference Mark

  • • nicole

    • nicole

     7 days ago

    Baby Baekhyun