Why Apple's AirPods Are So Popular

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 25, 2019
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    today we’re going to explore why Apple’s AirPods are so popular. Now you may be thinking, well that isn’t so hard to figure out, Apple made a quality product so more customers are inclined to buy it. And that is part of the reason, but there’s actually more to the story. it all started when I visited the Apple Store during the holiday season to buy AirPods as a gift, but when I asked an associate about them, she said they probably didn’t have any since the AirPods had been out of stock for weeks. But she went ahead and checked the stockroom just in case. Then, a woman walked into the store also asking to purchase AirPods, she was told they were likely sold out, but pointed her in my direction anyway. Now, I was curious why Apple was struggling to keep AirPods in stock, considering they’d been on the market for about two years. But I assumed it was because of the holiday demand, and didn’t think much else about it. That was, until I began talking to the woman behind me...

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  • Apple Explained

    Apple Explained

     7 months ago +195

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    Hope you enjoy the video!

  • Sparkie G

    Sparkie G


    My AirPods 2.0 are outstanding! Very rarely does the audio cut out (usually for only a split second, but happens very rarely). I’ve also never had issues with battery life, and they charge super fast in their wireless case anyways. There hasn’t been a time that I’ve killed the battery on them. They connect seamlessly with my iPhone 7, simply by opening the snappy magnetic lid.

  • Cindy Riddle

    Cindy Riddle


    Lol, goes to show how much tech reviewers know...

  • Hyper Matters

    Hyper Matters


    wait but apple already has wireless over ear headphones. They own Beats by Dre so they’ve been doing them for a while

  • Cardtrix 8

    Cardtrix 8

     yesterday +1

    Take a shot everytime he says "Airpods"

  • Beniamin Milczarczyk

    Beniamin Milczarczyk


    these are the best truly wireless headphones just as good as airpods https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1500001-REG/creative_labs_51ef0830aa000_outlier_air_true_wireless.html?pcur=CAD&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsNXm37rd5AIVEETTCh1KgAf2EAYYASABEgIhi_D_BwE

  • Tatersalad19 Cars

    Tatersalad19 Cars

     2 days ago

    They seem too easy to lose

  • TheAirak


     2 days ago

    There already are wireless over ear headphones from apple, they're called Beats. They also have the W1 chip just like AirPods so they benefit from the same things as airpods.

  • Harry Williams - ROBLOX

    Harry Williams - ROBLOX

     2 days ago

    I got AirPods before they were even a trend

  • NoScopeSniper001 YT

    NoScopeSniper001 YT

     3 days ago +3

    I’m in high school and I’ve seen atleast 100 freshman’s with AirPods 20 juniors with AirPods 50 freshman with beats and it’s the 2nd week of school

  • Scott T

    Scott T

     7 days ago

    I gave up watching the video at 2 minutes and 36 seconds. He still didn't get around to answering the question. He just kept asking me the same question over and over again.

  • Virgo Channel

    Virgo Channel

     7 days ago +3

    watching while using AirPods 2

  • Duchess Lust Moon TYPE 11a

    Duchess Lust Moon TYPE 11a

     7 days ago +1

    I absolutely love mine !!

  • P G-L

    P G-L

     7 days ago +2

    I’d like to see apple make a pair of wireless headphones

  • Tyrone5636


     14 days ago +1

    Watching w/ airpods lol

  • Julian Ramirez Vlogs

    Julian Ramirez Vlogs

     14 days ago

    Who else is watching this while wearing AirPods 😂

  • Coop


     14 days ago

    This dude sounds like an Apple nut hugger

  • Ang Li

    Ang Li

     14 days ago

    Alots of people were laughing at apple Airpods were expensive and can’t compare with amazon cheaper knock offs, but if wasn’t for this invention, there wouldn’t be no cheap knock offs, they like to follow not to lead!

  • Sam Plays

    Sam Plays

     14 days ago

    In my school, AirPods are everywhere and i also have AirPods.

  • Navtej Singh

    Navtej Singh

     14 days ago +4

    i bought them during christmas time not knowing that they were growing so popular and were almost globally sold out.