Why Apple's AirPods Are So Popular

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 25, 2019
  • Download Dashlane for free at https://dashlane.com/appleexplained____________________today we’re going to explore why Apple’s AirPods are so popular. Now you may be thinking, well that isn’t so hard to figure out, Apple made a quality product so more customers are inclined to buy it. And that is part of the reason, but there’s actually more to the story. it all started when I visited the Apple Store during the holiday season to buy AirPods as a gift, but when I asked an associate about them, she said they probably didn’t have any since the AirPods had been out of stock for weeks. But she went ahead and checked the stockroom just in case. Then, a woman walked into the store also asking to purchase AirPods, she was told they were likely sold out, but pointed her in my direction anyway. Now, I was curious why Apple was struggling to keep AirPods in stock, considering they’d been on the market for about two years. But I assumed it was because of the holiday demand, and didn’t think much else about it. That was, until I began talking to the woman behind me...____________________Special thanks to Dashlane for sponsoring this video!
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  • Apple Explained

     5 months ago

    Try Dashlane here: https://dashlane.com/appleexplainedHope you enjoy the video!

  • Rickysatyr 7065

     4 hours ago

    Samsung Galaxy buds are out.

  • Caleb Mccoy

     8 days ago


  • Tacheon

     5 months ago

    in my school, AirPods are literally everywhere

  • Pasta Salad

     5 hours ago

    @mujjuman Same and there's like 450 people at my school

  • mujjuman

     20 hours ago

    i'm the only one at my school with airpods


     4 months ago

    I'm here realizing that the AirPods were introduced three years ago...🤔My god... Time is scary.

  • Donnie Bliss

     2 hours ago

    s1ash I was telling the person that made the comment that three years in incorrect.So if anything you should say it to ALL- ZERO.PERIODTTTTT

  • Donnie Bliss

     2 hours ago


  • Christa White

     5 months ago

    I don’t understand why people said AirPods look stupid. They literally look like any other Apple earbuds just without an annoying wire getting in the way


     4 days ago


  • Nudge

     5 months ago

    Coz u can flex em

  • Avaition 2009

     5 days ago

    I flex on my beats solo 3 head phones wich are better

  • PixelThief

     8 days ago

    E.H.A.M “lieng”

  • Kirbyhiro MJ

     4 months ago

    They're called airpods cuz once you buy them your wallet turns into AIR

  • Brandon Dinh

     15 hours ago

    Kirbyhiro MJ not me....I got two

  • Dante Lopez


    Good one

  • Chris Willis

     4 months ago

    In my college campus more than (definitely not less) 70% people have student loans but almost 90% of them have airpods......Sums up America's economy pretty nicely.

  • Nir Haber

     6 days ago

    @lothar laishram lol yeah

  • lothar laishram

     23 days ago

    Lmfao That's why 20 trillion in debt.

  • Shubham 10

     5 months ago

    Because it just works... Convenience is the key!

  • B3ast

     6 days ago

    @SynthwaveEtc It is only convenient if you own an iPhone. Convenience is perhaps the only argument for AirPods. I own a pair of GalaxyBuds which have AMAZING sound quality, far better than airpods and they fit in my ears perfectly. Not to mention they are cheaper.

  • Philip Mudiarto

     5 months ago

    Popular because my classmates can listen to music in math class stealthily

  • Connor Clifton

     17 days ago

    Just put some Truly Wireless Headphones in your ears and wack on a beanie and your set.

  • tehokowhitu00

     1 months ago

    Philip Mudiarto that’s true because I wear a pair of hearing aids that offers Bluetooth and I can turn the outside world down and jam my music up lol

  • Wii shop Channel01

     2 months ago

    I remember when they first announce and everyone make fun of it and hate it. They just want to flex.