The Most Extreme Births In The Animal Kingdom

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 22, 2018
  • There is no human mom in this world who would say giving birth is easy peasy. But there are some mothers out there in the animal kingdom who go through the extreme to give birth to their offsprings. Here is why mothers all around the earth deserve more than a thank you.

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    Gacha._. ash

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    Oliver Tilley

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  • Orin Hannigan

    Orin Hannigan

     13 hours ago

    The craziest animal fact that I know is that an unchecked animal population is biologically unsustainable for any species.
    Unchecked by predators, a specie will overpopulate and over-consume all of their resources until very few survive and they are unable to maintain a population, and then, they are overpowered by a newly dominant species.
    Or Gaia Theory.
    People need to wake up.

  • OG MOG

    OG MOG

     15 hours ago

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    Ruby Love

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  • Neko Wolf

    Neko Wolf


    Actually humans have it the easiest since we actually have the option to give birth unconciouss.




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  • Raptor CC

    Raptor CC

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