Rotimi Talks Dre on Power, His New EP, LaLa's Tata's & More

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 4, 2017
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  • blususpect


     2 years ago +1168

    50+ minutes for Bernice Burgos but they only give Timi 21 minutes????really breakfast club????

  • Jontae Grace

    Jontae Grace

     2 years ago +264

    When Tommy called him a Tony The Tiger looking mf I dieddddd

  • datgurlky1


     2 years ago +171

    He's so cute with his dino baby looking self. Not the Mama!! Lol

  • matubaM


     2 years ago +330

    This brother has got a good spirit!

  • Bellz89


     2 years ago +178

    Wow, I didn't realise he's Nigerian and is a musician.. that's why these interviews are so good, new found respect!

  • OmoNaija


     2 years ago +246

    He raises a great point "how promiscuous its [society] getting"/"sex is cheap" and of course they skip over that, but I would have LOVED to hear their opinions on how sex has become so accessible, cheap and how that affects our society for both men and women! Very interesting observation/comment coming from a man who has so much access too.

  • Amelia B.

    Amelia B.

     2 years ago +172

    The one and only Nigerian Buttascotch! Good lawd he know he is fine! And articulate and his smile <3! Grabs roses and puts them at his feet like from Coming to America! lol

  • Jaylen Shelby

    Jaylen Shelby

     2 years ago +450

    Charlemagne- Power is a amazing show
    Envy- My goodness
    Angela Yee- the sex scenes are amazing
    Envy- My goodness
    Dre- ya hopefully we get 13 episodes
    Envy- My goodness

  • Everyday Life

    Everyday Life

     2 years ago +112

    Just waiting for the yee "I have a best friend" story.😂

  • Mimi babbi

    Mimi babbi

     2 years ago +332

    2mins in Angela already talking about her friend 🙄

  • Dr. Ashi Ali

    Dr. Ashi Ali

     2 years ago +148

    Rotimi sounds like a pasta dish

  • Vercetti Vibes

    Vercetti Vibes

     2 years ago +36

    Why do y'all give thots damn near an hour, but intelligent & talented people 20 minutes smh

  • Latise Wilson

    Latise Wilson

     2 years ago +23

    Oh lawd... when he went into the african accent..... so sexy

  • Chanel Allen

    Chanel Allen

     2 years ago +82

    please tell me I'm not the only one getting distracted by the mic being almost to his forehead.... he's dope but please move it... some of us have ocd!

  • Arianne


     2 years ago +37

    Rotimi seems real humble I like that. I saw him initially on Boss on Starz I loved that show I don't know why it only lasted 2 seasons. I had no idea that was his first acting job.

  • LilMzNisha


     2 years ago +30

    U know he can act when you mad at him in real life. Seen his pic and got an attitude 😒

  • Tori Pauling

    Tori Pauling

     2 years ago +83

    This was a good interview.

  • Perry Pierre

    Perry Pierre

     2 years ago +34

    R.I.P to Julio I can't wait til see dre get killed for setting him up like that

  • Kurt Nowitzki

    Kurt Nowitzki

     2 years ago +144

    So he basically exposed Dre isn't getting killed this season -_-

  • Drislady


     2 years ago +20

    Rotimi is a PHENOMENAL actor! I'm still pissed at Dre for having JULIO killed!