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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 29, 2016
  • Hey everyone I done goofed. I meant to say NEXT SATURDAY for the livestream (This saturday is New Year's Eve). Please spread the word :D

    Got fan art? Tweet me it :D. Holy bajesus we made it to 10k subs in such a short time! Thank you all so much!
    also....blomple domp turtle dank

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    Song used:
    glu70- Reach your destination

    Tomppabeats- cigs n loops
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  • Just another YouTuber

    Just another YouTuber

     3 years ago +1723

    Who else thinks he should be apart of the animation squad

    Like if you do too

  • The Apple Pro

    The Apple Pro

     7 days ago

    Your actually at 2.94 mil

  • Pls 1v1me in fornite Notyour brother

    Pls 1v1me in fornite Notyour brother

     14 days ago

    Oh thats ur face COOOOOOOOOOOLLLL

  • Rex Torres

    Rex Torres

     1 months ago

    I've been binge watching your videos man and I love them. I think I already watched ALL your public videos. You, Jaiden and James entertained and kept me company during my dark times. Thank you!

    Also, I'm 3 years late, but, this was uploaded on my birthday, which makes me happier, for some reason.

  • Leo The Artic Lion

    Leo The Artic Lion

     1 months ago

    You got mail: you reached 2.83 subscribers

  • Island Grease

    Island Grease

     2 months ago

    rip egg

    anyone 2019?

  • Abigail Vandy

    Abigail Vandy

     2 months ago

    it only took 19 days to get from 1000 to 10000

  • interceptormj12


     2 months ago +3

    who else is watching this at 2 mill. like if you are

  • Faris Sal

    Faris Sal

     3 months ago

    Adam before jaw surgery

  • ツSushi


     3 months ago +1


    "I dont have freinds"

  • Au P

    Au P

     3 months ago


  • aubree rants

    aubree rants

     4 months ago

    he’s so adorable

  • SonicBendyfwendTM


     4 months ago


  • ChaoticDragon66


     4 months ago

    I am from future and u will get 2M subs

  • Somethingoddfinnyt. E

    Somethingoddfinnyt. E

     4 months ago

    " asmar" what the trick is asmar I know what asmr is but asmar

  • Iv been whooshed rip

    Iv been whooshed rip

     4 months ago

    Hmmm 10k? Who new he would have FLIPING 2MILL SUBSCRIBERS.

  • Simon Whelan

    Simon Whelan

     4 months ago

    3 years in the future your at 2.6 million man damn

  • Lolzorfestivalthe2nd


     4 months ago

    it took me a year to get 17 subs ;-;

  • Rokas PlayZ

    Rokas PlayZ

     4 months ago +1

    now you almost have 3M your dream became true :)

  • Zain Bashir

    Zain Bashir

     5 months ago +1

    Lmao he said azzzzmrrrrr instead of asmr