Chumlee Just Hit The Pawn Shop's BIGGEST JACKPOT...

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 9, 2019
  • Chumlee Just Hit The Pawn Shop's BIGGEST JACKPOT...
    Chumlee is one of the guys at the Pawn Shop the popular tv show based out of the world famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop located in Las Vegas Nevada.
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    Chumlee usually isnt the smartest guy in the room. Often times he makes mistakes not making the best deals. Making mistakes like buying at to high a price or selling at too low of a price. Often times these mistakes cause Rick or the rest of the Pawn Star crew to pay for them. Though that is his track record he has had the luck of getting some great deals here and there! He has purchased historical items, comics, and even cars. Through his time on the show Chum Lee hasent had the best luck but In this video we will be looking at Chum Lee top 10 best deals on The Pawn Stars.

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    He's lucky?
    Best I can do is He's lu

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  • James Vera

    James Vera

     2 hours ago

    Stupid clickbait video with all your fucking commercials and your fake information! He's the owner of the UFC! No he's not bitch.

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    haha Sean P! RI.P!

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    half of these clips ar full of crap made by a bunch of money hungry f*gs

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    He's lucky

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    Puts a cs go knife in the thumbnail
    nothing about a cs go knife

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    He's lucky

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    More bullshit just like the show

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    He's lucky

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    i realy love watching pawnstar

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    He's lucky

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    R.i.P Stanley

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    He's lucky