Classic WoW Guide: Picking a Class (All 9 Classes Compared)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 27, 2018
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  • Hamsterwheel


     a years ago +1657

    From all the 'classic wow class guides' I've seen pop up over the years, this is probably one of the best out there. Well written, straight to the point, great presentation with the graphs and points for pve and pvp and all the info is on point. You've definitely earned another sub, keep up the great work!

  • Eliza Lupu

    Eliza Lupu

     3 days ago

    The music is great : )

  • Blake Miley

    Blake Miley

     4 days ago

    This guy could sell a porn-mag to a blind man.

  • xu hao

    xu hao

     7 days ago

    1:38 LOL

  • Seaworth


     7 days ago +1

    “You don’t die a lot and you don’t buy a lot as a hunter”
    Well yeah, just bought 2 stacks of food and 2 of water plus a full quiver of lvl 20 something projectiles for 4,5g at lvl 45

  • Kick z0

    Kick z0

     21 days ago +1

    where is deaf knight of the ebon

  • Paulo Alexandre

    Paulo Alexandre

     21 days ago

    13:56 Shamans are 3.6 Roentgen healers

  • Matthew Roop

    Matthew Roop

     a months ago

    The way you've designed your charts makes it look like hunters level like 100x faster than warriors xD

  • Tómppá


     a months ago

    Funny how mage was 1st 60

  • paul acklak

    paul acklak

     a months ago

    Mostly I play the thing like warlock

  • Jason Scott

    Jason Scott

     a months ago

    My main was a human ret pally back in vanilla (Loved it, but was such a pain in the ass to lvl and gear) once TBC came out my cousin and I switched to horde for BE pallys. since then been playing horde but I'm wanting to go back to alliance for classic (had a lot more great memories in alliance than horde) For my main I'll be going with warlock, since they're amazing for lvling and one of the best classes for pvp. they have a lot of utilities and almost unkillable if your build is demo/aff. Will also have a lvl 19 twink rogue for bg's and would wanna lvl a Spriest just to troll people with MC, lmao

  • Josh Eden, Writer.

    Josh Eden, Writer.

     2 months ago

    Video starts @ 0:59

  • Stanley Blazeraznik

    Stanley Blazeraznik

     2 months ago

    Just ok.

  • Tom Schut

    Tom Schut

     2 months ago

    Dude there is not a single hunter that can out lvl a aoe farming mage he gets more exp in one mana bar than 5 min playing for hunter they are slower yes but save 10-20 min with killing since they only need one combo and they are blinking away almost as fast as hunsters and shaman is also not on your graph cmon everbody knows mages level faster than any other class is capable of

  • Dylan Patterson

    Dylan Patterson

     2 months ago

    So you know hunters have to buy arrows/bullets and have food for pets right?

  • Abe Ixoyuz

    Abe Ixoyuz

     2 months ago +12

    12:35 "leveling as a paladin was...pretty damn boring to be honest."
    12:53 "and overall, pretty fun class to play in Classic."


  • Tomek


     2 months ago

    Solid vids brotha

  • DesoKPB


     2 months ago

    I want to play paladin but that's alliance only, so that's out. My goals are to get corrupted ashbringer, sulf, and thunderfury..... Guess it's warrior 😭😭🙃

  • Silent 84

    Silent 84

     2 months ago

    dude you just said, mages are not that good with AOE because there are to many players in the game, killing the mobs, that is not a fact, mages are amazing in pve, everybody wanna have it in the party, man you miss inform people!!!

  • Montana White

    Montana White

     2 months ago

    Mage was world first 60 tho from aoe grinding.