Classic WoW Guide: Picking a Class (All 9 Classes Compared)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 27, 2018
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  • Hamsterwheel


     a years ago +1447

    From all the 'classic wow class guides' I've seen pop up over the years, this is probably one of the best out there. Well written, straight to the point, great presentation with the graphs and points for pve and pvp and all the info is on point. You've definitely earned another sub, keep up the great work!

  • Lordain


     a years ago +1799

    this just made my decision harder

  • Nena Cherise

    Nena Cherise

     10 months ago +347

    I was planning to go for the class that has the most nostalgic feelings for me but then I realize that the only thing I did during vanilla was class-hopping..

  • Wockes


     a years ago +434

    I lvled a Paladin to 60 in vanilla. It was the most boring thing I've ever done in WoW and at 60 the only thing you did was buff everyone every 5 min...

  • Ben Lane

    Ben Lane

     9 months ago +298

    Blizzcon comes, announces Classic launch in summer 19. And here I sit, watching video after video of classic game play. Summer is so far away :(

  • Estevan Phillips

    Estevan Phillips

     2 months ago +107

    Hunter - 1:01
    Priest - 2:46
    Druid - 4:09
    Warrior - 5:52
    Warlock - 7:15
    Mage - 8:53
    Rogue - 10:19
    Paladin - 11:27
    Shaman - 13:00

  • Stug


     a years ago +605

    I have to stop watching these kinds of videos. They get me so hyped and yet the game is still so far from being re-released. The struggle is real.

  • Yhdyssanakoe


     4 months ago +224

    Thanks for the guide! Got my choice down to: Warlock, Druid, Paladin, Priest, Warrior, Shaman, Rogue. Hunter or Mage...

  • nobledonkey17


     5 months ago +164

    "You'll have a great time if you pick shaman" i guess we aren't gonna tell them about the water totem quest!?!

  • papyrus1990


     a years ago +306

    Cool video. Just a tip: Don't put rankings into bar diagrams, it creates the impression that for example hunter is twice as fast as priest while leveling, although it's just ranked #1 and #5. Only use it if your vertical axis actually has some continuous value, like time to get to 60

  • J


     2 days ago +1

    From what I encountered Warlock could easy take Rogue's place in PVP

  • Flux Bullets

    Flux Bullets

     10 months ago +194

    First thing I’ll do in vanilla is bubble hearth

  • marc carter

    marc carter

     14 days ago +19

    48 years old now. Gave up in WOTLK. So did my whole guild. Shit, there are 8 of us so far heading back to the same old server! Rouge back then, but feeling a healing druid this time around! Excited.

  • fast express pizza

    fast express pizza

     2 days ago +1

    WARLOCK one of the gest class... pvp or pve.... or leveling.

  • Piper A R

    Piper A R

     a years ago +42

    "Mages had a lot of downtime due to drinking."
    Makes it sound like mages are prone to alcoholism.

  • Jake Holland

    Jake Holland

     2 months ago +2

    Ummm not to be that guy but shamans were the worst healers in vanilla. All Heal statistics can be found on google. Shamans were more of a support/cc class in vanilla. You couldn’t dps as elemental because of mana issues and low dps compared to mages and warriors. You couldn’t dps as enhancement due to low dps and they had a really low healing output.
    They were monsters in PvP and most 40 man raids had at least 2 shamans for the totems.
    Btw according to healing statistics of heals per second and mana efficiency paladins were the best healers in vanilla followed by priests/Druids (depending on the raid) you would have both in raids and opinion kinda dictated which was best Druids or priests

  • Phillip Chapman

    Phillip Chapman

     9 months ago +171

    Warrior all the way, I don't care if it's a grind I will do it as a prot spec warrior. I am not worried about how long it will take, Classic is about the journey in my opinion.

  • Madmartigan


     3 months ago +86

    Doesn't matter which class I play when I'll probably suck in all of them :D

  • Holland1994D


     2 months ago +2

    Guys, just pick a class you want to play. These days there are more specs viable than back at vanilla, because people have figured out you can play those.
    Druid and paladin have know more specs which are viable than we thought at classic. Yes they are not the best.
    And for me it was always so fun to heal as a paladin when the healer died or to give extra support during critical situations. There is more than just raw numbers.

  • Dennis Sinned

    Dennis Sinned

     1 months ago +1

    For PvE : Marksman or Beastmastur Hunter, Balance Druid, Discipline or Shadow Priest, Retribution Paladin, Demonology Warlock, Arcane Mage and Sublety Rogue. Played them in 2 accounts and loved them. But remember, Alliance and PVE only. Didn't like the shaman or the warrior. Warriors in Classic have to fight to the bitter end when they get adds while questing solo.
    And the one tip that nobody is mentioning : Wands. Priest, Warlock and Mage can PvE a ton using the wand to save on mana. Back in Classic, wands actually did damage, had autoshot, like a hunter's weapon but unlike the hunter's weapon, they never run out of ammo. Priest : Pain, Shield and wand. Mage : Arcane Missiles or Fire Blast, Mana Shield and wand. You get my drift :). Forget modern WoW.