Fine Art Conservation - The Cleaning Process

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 9, 2018
  • Julian Baumgartner of Baumgartner Fine Art Restoration in Chicago documents the process of removing a discolored natural resin varnish from a portrait of twin sisters.

    While not meant as an instructional video, Julian discusses some of the approaches to cleaning paintings, why that's necessary, and how one might understand the delicacies and potential issues with such a procedure.

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  • ö. . ,

    ö. . ,

     2 days ago

    That painting has a Shining vibe.



     3 days ago

    작업과정을 보는게 재밌어요. 멋져요.^ ㅇ^

  • ptroinks


     3 days ago

    Damn, that painting was filthy!

  • Ramayana Roxas

    Ramayana Roxas

     7 days ago

    The painting is creepy

  • copywriter9 Steve

    copywriter9 Steve

     14 days ago

    Excellent commentary and easy to follow. However, the type of solvent used was not stated. What kind of solvent did you use to remove the grime? Thank you for a very educational video!

  • Andy Murphy

    Andy Murphy

     14 days ago +1

    Our boy julian just hit one million subs!!

  • busterdougles


     14 days ago

    Drinking game. Drink on the word varnish.

  • Zen is problematic-

    Zen is problematic-

     21 days ago

    Me:*puts hand on painting*
    Me: hehe I'm surface grime

  • The Farmhouse in the Field

    The Farmhouse in the Field

     21 days ago +1

    This is so interesting. In 1987 I went to the Sistine Chapel and they were in the process of cleaning the ceiling. It was amazing to see half of ceiling looking the way we all have perceived it through the years and the other half of what it must have looked like when it was new. You're work reminds me of that. I so appreciate that there are people like you that are bringing back the true image of what the painter wanted to portray when he/she made the work. Thank you.

  • matty9460


     21 days ago

    Is that music at the start a piano version of music of the night? It sounds so similar

  • inkyblinky


     21 days ago

    This makes me stressed as an artist for so many reasons, including my art ever becoming this yellow, and the fact that people might wanna keep it yellow, and that fact that I am 17 and have never sold or plan to sell a painting any time soo and I should NOT be worrying about stuff like this rn

  • Sadie Sease

    Sadie Sease

     21 days ago

    I’m fairly positive that the background music is phantom. Anyone else?

  • Tedants


     21 days ago

    8:40 shame on whoever punched this poor little girl lol

  • 2eleven48


     21 days ago

    I don't know....I found the original very beautiful purely because of the dirt and varnish on it. Bringing it into the here and now demonstrates how the artist attended to the painting at the time, but I found the result disturbing; it's not here and now, it was then.

  • sydney leigh

    sydney leigh

     21 days ago

    tag yourself i’m the surface grime

  • J. Han

    J. Han

     21 days ago

    Such a transformation! Look at the right sister, before her face is cleaned you can't see it but she's got this tiny little smirk on her face, her lips just ever slightly shifted to one side like she's trying to hold in a giggle or sarcastic remark - perhaps as to why she's being made to sit for this boring painting. Same with her sister on the left, who's got this ever so slight pinch to her otherwise impassive face, the right side of her lip just ever so slightly tugging down as if in the earliest stages of a grimace as to say "here we go again!" Neither of their subtle expressions were visible under the yellowed varnish, they looked dead and soulless, now it's like they are alive again, you can see them captured in time and realize that yes these two girls lived and here they are, captured in a moment in time as they lived.

  • sugershakify


     21 days ago +1

    Come play with us Danny...

  • Tennis Steve

    Tennis Steve

     21 days ago

    You are talented but very arrogant. Get off that high horse damn

  • Kaitlyn


     21 days ago

    Today has been a very hard day for me. I’ve had a full blown panic attack and a mental breakdown. Lots of things have happened today that’s made me upset. But I instantly came to these videos because I know they’ll be calming and relaxing. Thanks Julian.

  • Cadence King

    Cadence King

     21 days ago

    3:53 basically saying “your opinion is wrong” 😂