Joe Discusses R. Kelly Trying to Sabotage His Career

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 7, 2014
  • - R&B singer Joe opens up about his former label mate R. Kelly allegedly trying to sabotage his career. The "I Wanna Know" singer says that while he doesn't have concrete evidence, he got word from friends that Kelly was telling them about his plans. Joe says that friends were telling him that the "Cookie" singer was saying that he wouldn't work with people anymore if they played Joe's records. He adds that there was never any altercation, but he thinks R.Kelly felt pressure when he came along and caused a threat. Joe adds that he really respects R.Kelly and his music, but that doesn't take away from his talents.
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     5 years ago +553

    It's quite obvious that none of you have been keeping up with Joe's career. He may not be commercially successful (aka all up in your face on MTV and rinsed to death on mainstream radio), but this dude is still dropping and selling quality albums, selling out concerts and making good money, especially overseas. He CHOOSES not to "sell out" and go bubblegum Pop/R&B, but stay true to himself and the signature sound that his fans love and what got him where he is in the first place. How many R&B artists from the 90's do you know that still do that and continue to have a great career??? You've gotta respect that! All this "he's irrelevant" shit i see in comments on here is just dumb as hell. Respect the fucking music, not the chart positions!!!
    P.S.: Joe's last album "Doubleback: Evolution Of R&B" was one of the best, if not THE best, R&B album of 2013. Just very under-promoted. I suggest you sleepers go and check it out and THEN drop a valid, musically objective opinion on Joe.

  • ViXenBeats


     4 years ago +617

    Idky anyone who's familiar with R. Kelly would question whether these allegations are true or not... I mean this is "R. fricken Kelly" we're talking about ppl!!! He is WELL KNOWN to have one of the WORSE professional reputations in the industry. He's had an issue with damn near every male singer in the game (he's dissed trey songz, ginuwine, aaron hall, dave hollister, he even had issues with jimmy jam & terry lewis as well as teddy riley back in the day... and let's not forget his debacle tour with jay-z)... R. KELLY IS NOT A NICE PERSON, #Period!!! No matter how talented he is, it doesn't stop him from being an A-hole, and even his own brother and sister has said the same about him, so I BELIEVE JOE.

  • TruthSeeker2013


     5 years ago +599

    I prefer Joe over Chester the Child Molester.

  • Andre.Billy


     a years ago +249

    Joe has always been the mature grown man making music. Kells is extremely talented but he’s always seemed very childish. He’s in his 40’s dressing like it’s still 1996 😅.

  • Jazzy Moni

    Jazzy Moni

     3 years ago +284

    Joe is looking grown n sexy. Yessir.

  • IRON5


     3 years ago +221

    One thing I've always like about Joe is he always put out quality albums his whole career..

  • Tai Davis

    Tai Davis

     3 years ago +862

    WOMEN like Joe. Skanks like R. Kelly. Nuff said.

  • Suzana Moreno

    Suzana Moreno

     a years ago +321

    I love my Joe. ..God continue to bless you more and more always forever.

  • Justice Christina

    Justice Christina

     4 years ago +61

    Joe said it best, "No one MAN has that much control." Joe keep doing you!!!

  • Sergio Labathe

    Sergio Labathe

     a years ago +229

    Joe is a R&B legend and R. Kelly saw him as a threat

  • Christ Cathedral Ministries

    Christ Cathedral Ministries

     2 years ago +82

    That's what's wrong with black folk today. Instead of being happy for people they try to stop you. Sad

  • desertflowerz89


     3 years ago +138

    See this Aaron Hall? This is an OG singer who has maintained his dignity in the new era. Sure he's probably done his dirt; but he is not out here like a creepy, nasty, old head. Preserve the sexy.
    He can still get it.

  • DistinctiveBeauty


     2 years ago +143

    This man is exactly that... a MAN. He's talented n r Kelly probably saw him as a threat. I got a chance to meet him n he's one of my favorite rnb singers. love me some Joe

  • highly favored

    highly favored

     3 years ago +89

    Though i love them both, i still got to give props to Joe for staying true to his original sound, sings about loving and treating a woman better, whereas Kells is trying too much to fit into these young wannabes. I can still listen to Joes recent music, i cant stand R Kelly of today

  • Jay Romeo

    Jay Romeo

     5 years ago +51

    Ain't this the guy who sang on Wanna Get To Know You by G-Unit all them years ago?

  • A Divine Nation

    A Divine Nation

     2 years ago +58

    When he came out, They was not playing his songs in Chicago. ..

  • virginia redbone

    virginia redbone

     a years ago +14

    Joe's music is timeless!

  • SDS Overfiend

    SDS Overfiend

     3 years ago +35

    Joe The OG now with the Salt and Pepper Goatee lol.. That's Wisdom... Nothing wrong with getting older and mature and putting shit in perspective.

  • laura tej

    laura tej

     3 years ago +15

    In a class of his own....Love him x

  • MrBrandon330


     5 years ago +16

    Joe is the man. I still rock to his music.