How To Restore Headlights PERMANENTLY ( Better Than a BRAND NEW Headlight )

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 17, 2019
  • Headlight restoration is all about choosing the right products and methods. In this video I show you How to Restore Headlights Permanently. In the first half of the video, i show you how to clean headlights. Cleaning the Oxidised, Yellowing, Fading or Discoloured layer of plastic is the first step. You can even use toothpaste, baking soda and even WD40 but such products are only good for very minor improvements. To get it done professionally with a brand new looks, you have to do a complete restoration like I show you in this video. Then in the second half of the video, i show you how to stop headlights from yellowing and getting hazy which requires you to follow up with a protective coating. What coating you should go with depends on your budget, how long you’re gonna keep the car for and therefore how long you want the coating to last for.

    Here are the products I used.

    Plastic polish
    Headlight restoration kit
    Sanding backing pad
    Masking tape
    Isopropyl alcohol

    UV Hard coat
    Cheap clear coat
    2k Cleat coat
    Headlight lens covers clear lens cover&index=aps&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=ur2&linkId=924dbe5200d14a098df45b50a14018cf

    Headlight protection film
    Film installation kit

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  • Junky DIY guy

    Junky DIY guy

     10 months ago +376

    HI ALL, For those who like to go with my 4th option - You can use clear coat if you want, It is a cheap and a reasonable alternative option for the price. I was explaining the reason why car manufacturers don’t use clear coat, with a demonstration. That demonstration is only to explain how refraction works on clear coat due to its higher RI, like i showed with a water bucket and a pencil and two more examples. Because clear coats tend to have an orange peel effect, you can get a little distorted light output. Combined with the higher refractive index of clear coat, this can be intensified even more. That’s why @7.43 i mentioned to wet sand the lens to get rid of any orange peel so you can minimise any noticeable distortion of the light output. This video is about restoring headlights permanently. As this car is getting a heavy sun exposure which you can tell by the peeling factory clear coat on the bumper near the headlight, ( ) ( ) clear coat is clearly not a permanent solution for these headlights. Removing peeling clear coat is harder than removing a headlight coating when it comes to restore the lens again and clear coat is the only non optical grade product among the 5 options and it has the least clarity. And since clear coat doesn't get bonded onto a highly polished surface like a headlight lens as well as it does on a metal surface, in most cases, you have to roughen up the lens prior to apply cleat coat to stop the clear coat from peeling prematurely and this can further intensify the distortion of the light simply because a roughened up surface create a diffused refraction and this cannot be restored even if you wet sand the lens. That is why the clear coat is the worst option for me among those 5 options. So in this case, i prefer the protection film over the clear coat and all the other coatings because like i mentioned, it doesn't get bonded onto the lens like clear coat or any other coating so in a matter of few minutes i can easily remove and replace the film should the film goes bad in the future which it will and when that happens i won't have to restore the lens all over again, plus the film has the highest optical clarity right out of the box ( you know what i mean if you've ever seen a tinted car window ) and gives me superb chip protection as well. But if you want to use clear coat, you can use a good clear coat and it is completely up to you . That's why i showed you guys 5 common options. i picked mine so you have to pick yours depending on your budget, climate you live in, how long you gonna keep the car for, and what you gonna use the car for (Eg: headlights covers are ideal if you do a lot of road trips as you get good protection from rock chips) . And for those who're wondering why a genuine headlight is so expensive, check this out

  • Ricardo Cuevas

    Ricardo Cuevas

     9 hours ago

    where can i find the film you used? i like that option best. i keep getting clear paint protection film. is that the same stuff?

  • RW


     14 hours ago +1

    With all the stuff you'd have to buy to accomplish this, you might as well just replace the lights! Geeesh!

  • Anthony Fallon

    Anthony Fallon

     17 hours ago

    Bicarb toothpaste works instead of compound.

  • Dan The Man

    Dan The Man

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    Amazing in-depth, well articulated instructions and information. Top job!

  • BeyBlade RAIKE

    BeyBlade RAIKE

     22 hours ago

    You just need tooth paste

  • John Bray

    John Bray

     yesterday +1

    Excellent video and narrative regarding to entire process. Your video was very informative, backed with logical procedural action steps, various end-user options, concise and to the point. I appreciate your candor and professionalism. Just like others have stated below, your video production level is outstanding and you present the material with humility and simple grounded explanations. Well Done - very well done! Mark me down as a new subscriber too!

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    Ummmm...You're kind of awesome at this!!

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    Great video

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    Ur frekin awesome!! Thank you for that video. Amazing techniques.

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    Well done! Straight to the point.

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    Exellent info. Well and clearly explained. Thanks !!

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    Brilliant job👍😎

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    Best presentation on any topic! Great job and thank you for your really switched on advice?

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  • Jerry Stinehart

    Jerry Stinehart

     3 days ago +2

    Use nail polish remover. It works super quick and I mean right now. It takes off that dingy yellow film as soon as you wipe it. A cheap project for only 1$.

  • Imran Khan

    Imran Khan

     3 days ago

    If my professors explained their lectures like this guy explaining how to clean headlights i would of got distinctions all around

  • J Cárdenas

    J Cárdenas

     4 days ago

    You deserve all the likes!

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    Jake Wright

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    Great video