Meet the F-350 MEGA-RAPTOR! (Caution: Puts All Other Ford Raptors To Shame)

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 16, 2018
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  • Jay James Maloney

    Jay James Maloney

     2 days ago

    There's another YouTube video that's copied your video

  • Ciccio Riccio

    Ciccio Riccio

     5 days ago

    Oh My God, oh My God. Oh My God... Ma solo "oh My God" sapete dire.? Ma cambiate disco no! I wrote in Italian. Translate!

  • Tony V

    Tony V

     7 days ago +1

    God bless America & our vets for the freedom we have to do shit like this awesome freaking truck wish it was mine

  • Mahendranath Saren

    Mahendranath Saren

     7 days ago

    This is America

  • Tyler Harrington

    Tyler Harrington

     7 days ago

    Yea beat the shit out of the giveaway truck. Fuck you

  • Mark Joyner

    Mark Joyner

     7 days ago

    "Of course it has to be a Prius" Hahaha Love it!

  • General obi Wan kanobi

    General obi Wan kanobi

     14 days ago

    Yea I’m no daddy’s money but DAD CAN I BORROW THE CREDIT CARD

  • Dilly Doopsta

    Dilly Doopsta

     14 days ago

    Give that truck some boss glasses and a fat joint. Thug life af

  • Darren1000


     14 days ago


  • Simon R.

    Simon R.

     14 days ago

    Henessey is not enough now...

  • brock griffith

    brock griffith

     14 days ago +1

    I fully support project !!!MEGAHOE!!! I'll buy that shirt



     14 days ago

    Rolling coal is so bad for your engine better have a spare ready.

  • Anthovision


     21 days ago +3

    Perfect vehicle for when someone steals your parking spot at the mall. Just park on top of him and walk away.

  • NPC #34254334 Response:

    NPC #34254334 Response:

     21 days ago

    Not hating on that fantastic Ford F350, but those junkcars seemed like they could've been used for parts.

  • Llama Cebu

    Llama Cebu

     21 days ago

    Coopers driving was definitely sketchy

  • Josh Goroypewe

    Josh Goroypewe

     21 days ago

    Fuck you Greta 😂😂🔥

  • wuzpoppinyuurrr


     21 days ago

    Poor g35 :(

  • Computerfly


     21 days ago

    You broke!

  • Fausto Geoemp

    Fausto Geoemp

     28 days ago

    American Idiot.

  • dillon sanford

    dillon sanford

     1 months ago

    Super sick if I won that I would take off that lame window sticker tho