The Greatest Rotary Shop in All of Australia? Spitting Fire at PAC Performance

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 4, 2019
  • Australia is known for many things: deadly animals for one, and savage rotaries for another. We chose to explore the rotary route for obvious reasons (because Hert, duh) so we visited one of Australia's finest rotary shops - PAC Performance - along with some friends from Motive DVD. In high horsepower GTRs, of course.

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  • Hoonigan


     1 months ago +175

    How quick would the Twerkstallion make it down the 1/4 mile (speed & ET)... or wouldn’t it?

  • Vegas Driver

    Vegas Driver

     3 days ago

    Is the Mazda a 6 rotor?

  • Trev Ohlson

    Trev Ohlson

     4 days ago

    Lots of money to be had if u guyz reproduce the genisis motor in billet for the rx8 so many people would be lined up for those bits and keeping them more reliable for the street pac ?

  • yetterben


     7 days ago

    Let him talk damn man. Get some interview skills and stop cutting the man off.

  • Nick Kiofetzis

    Nick Kiofetzis

     7 days ago

    the greatest rotary shop in australia your kidding me rite? i bought a few sx regs off pac from ebay and a 13b turbo manifold hand made the manifold turned out to be 12a to to4 in to ser2 and not 13b to4 into s2 that was very upsetting as no one was doing up 12a as they are hard to get rotor housings for and under powered, any way out 4 sx regs 1 was screwed had hole in the diaphram before i bid on each one i had rang george from pac he said they wer perfect last one i fitted to my mates ser8 rx7 i just rebuilt the motor.

    it was pushing petrol threw the diaphram up to boost hose hole and filled petrol into throttle body because there vac nipple there were i put the boost hose petrol started pissing out of the butter flies i thought shit the motor has filled with petrol pulled out the plugs it was good then i relised what happen i pulled the reg apart seen the hole in the diaphram i rang george and he was being stupid i clearly told him what happen and hes said just puts some rubber grease or vasso on the diaphram out side edge put it together again it will be fine, i said are you silly its bloody got a hole it, i told you clearly hes gone quite then said look i will meet you half way i will sell you a diaphram at half price there 160 new i will give it to you for 90 i went piss off there full retail 80 dollars, i said you told me they perfect before i bought them it didnt even start the car and it was rooted.

    1stly rocky isnt a mechanic apparently hes a civil engineer and george started an aprenticeship with the worst and nastiest italian mechanic there was, my new apprentice at the time told me he left him because he was and absolute a$$face and was hes uncle and a week later he told me rockys brother from pac george took his old job this is a home workshop registerd one not far from robbos i think it was in canterbury rd i am not bagging there achievments they have had many quick cars but also over charge and have ripped off many people the way they handled me was criminal i got ripped off hard twice losing money, if i wanted that treatmant in the start of would of put on a wig and lipstick and tried to hitch a ride with billal scaf and his crew,

  • TheMADMister


     7 days ago

    MCM and Hert collab build when



     7 days ago


  • Nicholas Gantidis

    Nicholas Gantidis

     7 days ago

    i can smell then rotary's right now

  • Tomasz Budnik

    Tomasz Budnik

     7 days ago

    8:25 why none of injectors is connected to anything? no wires even visible anywhere near them...

  • baddbradd89


     7 days ago

    These PAC guys are awesome

  • Frank Filippone

    Frank Filippone

     7 days ago

    PADDLE SHIFT! RX2-3-4 C4 Ford trans! Turbo 400 PADDLE SHIFT!!! HOLY FUCK!!!

  • TheRegret


     7 days ago

    had to pause at ~11:59. im sorry what? drives to the track, pulls 7 seconds, and drives back home? what universe does this rotary live in?

  • patrick jimenez

    patrick jimenez

     14 days ago

    i think i just fell in love with rotary engines

  • Jay 0711

    Jay 0711

     14 days ago

    I thought the JH Audio earbuds at 33:20 looked pretty cool, so I paused the video to go online and check them out. Yeah, I’ll be sticking with a pair that are a little more affordable. They start at $600 and go to $2,725.

  • Steve Rolfe

    Steve Rolfe

     14 days ago

    From what I've seen, Ozzies even put full interiors in burnout cars. Pride in a nice interior seems to be an integral part of Australian car culture.

  • joeymustang


     14 days ago

    Working with Vargas I would have thought you'd go to Puerto Rico to check their rotaries...after all they hold basically all the records for rotaries in the 1/4 mile

  • Guasa Guasa

    Guasa Guasa

     14 days ago

    Shout out to the PAC people from Puerto Rico!.. those guys are really down to earth man...we love them here in Puerto Rico and they are always welcome....

  • Raj Vashi

    Raj Vashi

     14 days ago

    So uh can I put one of those engines in my Miata?

  • poly Borrero

    poly Borrero

     14 days ago

    Amazing work!!

  • James Dean

    James Dean

     14 days ago

    I can feel it in my plums