Casually Explained: Moving Out

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 23, 2018
  • In this video I talk about how quickly your vegetables go bad when your mom isn't doing the shopping. Find me here too:►► ►►►
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  • Nine Noodles

     1 years ago

    "... you have nothing to lose, except your self-esteem"Joke's on you, I can't lose what I never had

  • T Prime

     3 days ago

    Roll safe bra.

  • dead inside forever

     5 days ago

    @InsaneBird lol.

  • Pratik

     1 years ago

    More like Casually Depressed.

  • TheExplodingBacon

     9 days ago

    More like Bore: Ragnarok

  • blue 2122

     1 months ago

    It’s all true tho

  • Emilie13love

     1 years ago

    In many Asian cultures, you usually don’t move out till you’re married because being alive is too damn expensive

  • Akanoji

     17 hours ago

    Hispanic too.

  • Dezmond Huston


    Heard that it's also the norm in some countries in Africa.

  • Mahir Cave

     1 years ago

    _this is the price you pay for growing up_It's funny because you make it look like a choice

  • hayk3000



  • F.u.c.k Go.ogl.e


    @moses garcia how do they even survive?! like whats their income and housing like?

  • Haywire5714

     1 years ago

    People used to call me a loser because I would sit in my moms basement playing World of Warcraft all day. But now they can't say shit because I got a job and now I rent out someone elses moms basement and still play World of Warcraft as much as I can.

  • psychocrysis2


    @Justin Davis Actually, if no one wanted to plateau, the hierarchical society that humans have lived in for thousands of years would break down. It could be good or bad. I agree that it's good, but probably not in the way you're thinking.

  • Justin Davis


    @psychocrysis2 its basically a much worse version of pascals wager. If there is literally any kind of purpose for our existance, it most certainly is not to play WoW all day.Also, if nobody wanted to plataue, the world would be a much better place. Society would thrive.

  • Bronze

     1 years ago

    Damn dude, I wish I knew about the golden rule of not telling people I'm a terrorist. That would've made life a whole lot easier.

  • Thaddeus Venture

     8 days ago

    I don’t know prison sounds nice free food and housing plus tv and a workout area

  • Bee played

     5 months ago

    つ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ༽つ

  • Kokusskatz

     9 months ago

    the absolute worst is meeting people the same age as you and they have incredible well paying jobs, their own beautiful home, a car, a great relationship, countless fun activities with others and you have to repress your tears at the thought of people like that existing or you might accidentally take your toaster with you for a swim the coming evening.

  • Justin Davis


    @Patrick O'Shea nope. Thats just what jealous people say to justify their current lifestyle.

  • DeCay Grim

     4 days ago

    My friend is a bum, but he comes from a wealthy family so he got his dads 95 m3 for free just given to him. Also his dad bought him a company because he didn’t like “working”. He always brags about how he grew his business around new people. He’s 27 and still lives at home, has a dirty as room with a T-shirt that he still jerks off into every night but hey fu k me right??

  • TheRemixDenuo

     1 years ago

    Finding someone to have kids with in the next 60 years is a bit ambitious don't you think?

  • James

     7 months ago

    @IndiBrony dad is that you?.... oh wait he died

  • IndiBrony

     9 months ago

    To be fair, you could always skip the unhappy loveless marriage part and just buy a child straight off of Craigslist. They won't love you, but you'll at least discover an old friend who has always been there for you: alcohol. After all, nothing is more effective at getting rid of the sound of a crying child than getting blackout drunk.

  • Pr0l0gue

     1 years ago

    Step 1: Invent time machine so that you can go back to when it was possible to buy a house and support a family on $14/hr with a job that you got by physically walking into a random store and asking for a handshake with the boss 2: Move out

  • turshin

     1 months ago

    @TON O'CLAY how are going to move to the job if you have no money to begin with? Remember the original problem is lack of funds. I too own multiple cars, a house, and have money in the bank all with no degree as well. But I do realize that there are certain factors and demographics that do hold ppl back from getting the good jobs. For example..Detroit has the highest car insurance in the nation and the highest concentration of low income ppl in Michigan. The good jobs thatll actually help a person rise...


     1 months ago

    @turshin apply for jobs out of state or somewhere else then move when you get the job

  • agbond003

     1 years ago

    Or... you can skip all this and go into the army...This comment was brought to you by the army...Somebody help me...

  • F.u.c.k Go.ogl.e


    @Ryan M lmao best move? going to a foreign land just to die for some politicians that started said wars?

  • Jacqueline Crone

     1 months ago

    It’s a pretty good deal for this day and age. Just don’t be stupid and don’t pop out a bunch of children with your spouse, especially after first getting married. It works well, if you can handle it. Hell, the government will pay for your birth control and other healthcare expenses. Having too many kids is the main reason why military families are poorer on average.