Theresa Caputo Connects With Spirit of A Murdered Father | On Air with Ryan Seacrest

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 8, 2017
  • Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo channels the spirit of a murdered man and finds the unexpected connection in our green room.

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    Theresa Caputo Connects With Spirit of Murdered Father
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     2 hours ago

    How's thing's this is Sabrina Estep

  • Angela Schmidt

    Angela Schmidt

     12 hours ago

    fake and she should be ashamed

  • John O 'Reilly

    John O 'Reilly

     12 hours ago

    she is a con....get her to do a lie detecter test ....she will run

  • JuRock2


     18 hours ago

    Ryan Seacrest is the 3rd most annoying, irritating and disgusting entertainment personality … 3rd only to Oprah and Howard Stern.

  • Judie Atwood

    Judie Atwood

     19 hours ago

    I would to meet her

  • Jazmine Tihema-Keepa Tangaroa

    Jazmine Tihema-Keepa Tangaroa


    Amazing Theresa, such a special gift u have.

  • Robert Robertson

    Robert Robertson


    Yes sometimes we do know that stuff cuz it tells us in our true!

  • Moe Han

    Moe Han


    Omg there are people who really believe her. 😂😂😂

  • Moe Han

    Moe Han


    She’s very beautiful but the nails bro 🤢🤢🤢 eewwww

  • Michelle Chapman

    Michelle Chapman


    I dreamed about my brother 3 months after he died. He told me that he was in a" Safe Place"...I miss him so much!!

  • Michelle Chapman

    Michelle Chapman


    I would love to meet her!!!; I have loved ones that have passed on and I need closure with!!!

  • Kristine Carmona

    Kristine Carmona


    Theresa Caputo, YOU ARE SO FAKE. This is social media, you're fckn ACTING!!

  • Lisa Smith

    Lisa Smith



  • Marie Franklin

    Marie Franklin

     2 days ago

    Giiiiiiiiirrrrrrllllll! Stop it!

  • Barnaby ap Robert

    Barnaby ap Robert

     2 days ago +1

    Why didn't she know that I and another waiter both spit in her food recently?

  • Texas3Step


     2 days ago

    She throws the murder out there, rightly guessing that in any sizable group, someone has had a loved one murdered. When such a person comes forward, she can ask enough questions to know how to steer the "reading." The spirit/soul that was unable to give her its name or the name of its relative suddenly becomes very chatty and full of details. She is as fake as fake can be, and she makes a fortune defrauding these people who are missing loved ones. I hope she is exposed in this lifetime; justice will surely be done in the next.

  • Teresa Perez

    Teresa Perez

     2 days ago

    People say "She's so fake" then go on watching another video. lol Do they think she's fake or truly want to believe?

  • Amanda Deane

    Amanda Deane

     2 days ago

    I looooove Theresa, but I just want to cut and shape her nails! They drive me crazy!

  • Daisy Cassidy

    Daisy Cassidy

     2 days ago

    Get rid of those damn fingernails!

  • Missy Missy

    Missy Missy

     2 days ago

    So the murdered father can tell Teresa that he doesn't want his daughter to worry about him and that he hasnt missed out of any of her life and all these details but he cant tell Teresa who killed him? Haha so ridiculous!