Top 10 Actors Marvel Will Never Hire

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 19, 2019
  • Top 10 Actors Marvel Will Never Hire
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    Welcome back to Top 10 Beyond The Screen. I have some more awesome stuff today for all you Marvel fans out there. If you’re not a Marvel fan, I got you covered; this video still dishes out some juicy info that’s definitely worth the watch. Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoy it and also tell me your thoughts down in the comments. Today we’re talking about the Top 10 Actors Marvel Won’t Hire anymore.

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  • Top 10 Beyond The Screen

    Top 10 Beyond The Screen

     9 months ago +55

    Did anyone on this list surprise you?

  • Zamira McConnell

    Zamira McConnell

     6 days ago

    She looks so washed out😂 the light is so bright!!!

  • Dan Lewis

    Dan Lewis

     14 days ago

    Jake Gyllenhaal would be awesome as Spiderman. I would actually go to see it

  • Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77

    Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77

     14 days ago +1

    I see a LOT of comments are coming towards Wesley Snipes defense as Blade. I agee 100% Blade is Wesley Snipes.

    As far as Wesley Snipes no longer working as Marvel inspired action hero, Wesley Snipes can easily go the DC to do a live action adaptation of Martian Mindhunter or as Doctor Manhattan in a stand-alone origin film.

    Let's face Wesley Snipes is Blade period and anything else will be a poor mans remake.

  • P. Kelly Stark 939393

    P. Kelly Stark 939393

     14 days ago

    Mickey is the best actor alive

  • Jim Quinn

    Jim Quinn

     14 days ago

    When has Jessica Alba acted?

  • Spider Rabbit

    Spider Rabbit

     1 months ago

    In a way Mickey is right. With marvel villains they barley add any substance. Most villains in marvel movies are forgettable. Not Vulture , Loki and Mysterio and and Killgrave.

  • Nikki M

    Nikki M

     1 months ago

    Marvel did approach Edward Norton about reprising his role in Avengers but Norton kinda didn't want to do it so he asked for creative liberties and Marvel said no.

  • Derrick McDowell

    Derrick McDowell

     1 months ago

    Rise of the Silver Surfer

  • chester thompson

    chester thompson

     1 months ago +1

    Blade is what started mcu

  • David Hucke

    David Hucke

     1 months ago

    I like the list and the reasons given. Behind-the-scenes differences happen often, and sometimes, the only way to save the project is just replace the guy.

    One quibble: The character of Whiplash, the Russian guy in "Iron Man 2", has a very powerful motivation to go after Tony Stark. Venko's goal is to humiliate Tony Stark, and revenge himself upon him, not only for himself, but for his father, who co-created the Arc reactor with Howard Stark.
    Howard Stark got Venko's dad sent back to Russia in disgrace, and he died destitute, all while teaching his secrets to his son, who ended up in prison trying to clear his father;s name. 20 years in Siberia can mess you up, so Venko was to make 'God bleed' "If you make God bleed, then he is not God'

    Venko is a guy with a seriously f***ed-up attitude, and wants to hurt Tony Stark in a way that exposes to the world that Stark is a fraud, and that it was really the Venko technology that they're all using.

    He's coming at him in several ways, so he is a serious threat to Tony Stark.

    Besides that I really liked the video.

  • Ron Simkins

    Ron Simkins

     1 months ago

    But WB and Marvel are rivals.

  • Jess Jess

    Jess Jess

     1 months ago

    Tell marvel they rel stupid then

  • Mike Smrtka

    Mike Smrtka

     1 months ago

    Mostly fair, except In the case of January Jones. Id say an "Emma Frost" should be hot, and cold. Which she was.

  • Konickz


     1 months ago +1




     1 months ago +2

    So Robert Downey Jr can do hard drugs, get arrested and become an iconic superhero, but don't pay your taxes and speak out about social issues gets you blacklisted after making marvel millions and saving the MCU with blade one🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

  • sammy hegazi

    sammy hegazi

     1 months ago

    Sup baby. Let down your hair gurl!!! More enjoyable cmon

  • Hollywood Haggar

    Hollywood Haggar

     1 months ago

    Not a good video

  • paul hatcher

    paul hatcher

     2 months ago

    snipe gave birth to the current mcu they ought to be greatful

  • TommyTucker


     2 months ago

    Wesley claimed racism in Hollywood..... in other news..... water wet....😐