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  • Published on:  Friday, April 17, 2015
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    This tutorial demonstrates how to access and use the employee calendar to record time taken for annual leave, unpaid leave etc.

    Firstly, to access an employee’s calendar, click on the ‘Employees’ tab.

    Choose the employee’s name from the list on the left of the screen and select ‘Calendar’
    Days marked in black represent the employee’s typical working days and days marked in grey represent non-working days.

    To select one day, simply click on the desired date on the calendar. To select a series of days, click and drag to highlight the days required.

    As soon as dates are selected on the employee’s calendar, select the type of leave from the list of options. For example, if the employee is taking 3 days annual leave, highlight the days on the calendar and click on ‘Annual Leave’.

    For annual leave and unpaid leave, part days can be allocated by selecting the applicable date on the calendar and using the dedicated option to the right of the calendar to adjust accordingly.

    Likewise, where an employee works irregular hours, the number of annual leave hours taken on a particular day can also be entered.

    If an incorrect entry is made on the calendar, simply highlight the day or days in question and click on the leave option originally selected.

    To add a note to the employee’s calendar, firstly highlight the date on which you would like to add a note. Please note that days in past pay periods are locked and cannot be accessed. Enter the note on the right hand side.

    A date that is underlined denotes that a note has been added for that day. To view a note again, simply click on the relevant date to display the narrative on the right.

    For employees who are paid a daily rate, certain entries made on their calendar are automatically linked to the payroll function, namely unpaid leave and absent days. For example, an employee who is paid a daily rate takes 3 days unpaid leave which is entered on his calendar. The employee typically works 5 days per week. In the pay period in which the unpaid leave falls, the employee’s payslip will automatically reflect the number of working days only in determining his pay. Should you wish to override or turn off this automatic facility at any time, simply click the ‘Edit’ button within the employee’s payslip and untick the box.

    Should you wish to print the calendar for one or more of your employees, this can be done by clicking on ‘More’, followed by ‘Print Calendar for One or More Employees..’
    Simply select the employees whose calendar you wish to print and enter the period range you wish to cover.

    Each calendar can subsequently be viewed before printing or exporting.

    Alternatively, should you wish to view or print annual leave entitlement summaries for your employees, this can be done by clicking on ‘More’, followed by ‘View/ Print Annual Leave Entitlement for One or More Employees..’

    Simply select the employees whose leave entitlement you wish to view or print and select the ‘To date’ you require.

    Choose the report style you require and click ‘OK’ to proceed.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Um-KJIQdMBI