Introducing Juul 2, by Apple. (Apple Parody)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 7, 2019
  • Apple x Juul. This is the result. If Apple made the Juul 2 with a 1-inch OLED display, A12x Processor & More. Tim Chef & Jonny Strives Reveal The Masterpiece.This is NOT meant to mislead that Apple is releasing this, this is a parody ONLY.My Instagram: Insta:
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  • EverythingApplePro


     6 months ago +4373

    Hey if you guys enjoyed we’d really appreciate a like. 1 like = 1 more hair being colored gray.

  • Samir


     6 months ago +2169

    but does it have a headphone jack

  • Dangles TV

    Dangles TV

     4 months ago +419

    Guess you can say I’ll be blowing iClouds.

  • ALA 22

    ALA 22

     4 months ago +837

    I don’t vape but that lowkey looks dope

  • Noah Pichardo

    Noah Pichardo

     6 months ago +662

    “every 37 seconds” i’m DEAD

  • Shuka4Beats


     6 months ago +2746


  • Robin Wonder

    Robin Wonder

     4 months ago +282

    Juul - $599
    Charger - $200
    +Cellular - +$700
    person buys everything
    *juul 3 comes out a week later with a completely different model*

  • Kobin Kago

    Kobin Kago

     6 months ago +822

    I am watching this video on my Juul 2 .

  • LordKami


     4 months ago +216

    JUUL has 7 billion sales?
    So does that mean even the kids in Africa are getting lit over there too?

  • S l e e p sツ

    S l e e p sツ

     4 months ago +147

    Freshman's are gonna love this

  • Kevin Zhang

    Kevin Zhang

     6 months ago +2564

    Who else is watching on an Apple Juul

  • Anthony Marroquin

    Anthony Marroquin

     3 months ago +51

    Dam who else watching on Juul 5? I remember how ass juul 2 was

  • Salad Ass

    Salad Ass

     4 months ago +133

    Steve Jobs in heaven: don’t make me come down there you punk !

  • E drop

    E drop

     5 months ago +62

    3:48...Runs Spotify and still doesn't have a headphone jack.
    This is definitely an Apple product 😂

  • Ian


     6 months ago +92

    0:29, I noticed.

  • julia clarke

    julia clarke

     4 months ago +46

    ”is this some sort of sick joke?”
    steve jobs from heaven 2019

  • Crydan


     3 months ago +6

    My thumb covered the part of the title that this was fake, actually thought it was real man....

  • Alex Robertson

    Alex Robertson

     4 months ago +9

    Why is this video so well done? And why am I having urges to purchase the new Apple Juul 2??😂 perfect mixture of comedy and video quality👌🏻

  • Erick


     4 months ago +24

    i this was a real thing i’d actually buy this 😂

  • Aidan Dunn

    Aidan Dunn

     4 months ago +11

    I really felt like this was a joke funny video, and I realized it's an official Apple channel, I'm dead with this new design