Trying VERY Weird.. Clothing From WISH!!

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 20, 2019
  • Today we are trying "interesting" wish clothing & shoes!!
    New videos Friday & most Sunday's! :D
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  • Michaela Dowie

    Michaela Dowie

     5 hours ago

    My word that drop crotch makes you look like a telly tubby :o

  • Camila Jofré B

    Camila Jofré B

     9 hours ago

    12:29 that dress is given me major phoebe buffay from friends vibes, i love it

  • Z G

    Z G

     11 hours ago

    “Ballerinas out there, I RESPECT you!!” 💀
    Put your respecc on the submissives 🤣 cause ballerinas are not the ones wearing these 🤣

  • Z G

    Z G

     12 hours ago

    Second item, the sweater, is from a famous meme called “The Virgin Killer Sweater” 🤣🤣 here’s more info on it from

    Seeing Mia in this sweater is honestly hilarious, as a camgirl, it’s a common outfit that models wear/cosplay so it doesn’t even phase me anymore, I see it ALL the time, but seeing Mia in it is too bizarre, shes so innocent 🤣😭

  • Greys Gaona

    Greys Gaona

     13 hours ago

    Hahahahaha oh my goshhhh

  • biah


     14 hours ago

    who is brazilian?

  • Severine Peyrou

    Severine Peyrou

     14 hours ago +1

    She reminds me of Bambi when she tries to walk with the fetish heels ! 😂😂😂

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    Global Entertainment Channel

     15 hours ago

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  • Beth Knudsen

    Beth Knudsen

     18 hours ago

    omg haha i totally thought of brooklyn as well!

  • Kitten Kat

    Kitten Kat

     19 hours ago

    you know who else would definitely wear those shoes?..... LADY GAGA!

  • RoseAnnaLovesSexyFood


     20 hours ago

    You could be poison ivy with those shoes

  • Molly Butler

    Molly Butler

     20 hours ago

    This is hysterical!!! Mia you crack me up!!!

  • J. G.

    J. G.

     20 hours ago

    Those leaf shoes are ripped off from a brand called Pendragon. So yeah, the Wish ver is shittier. Not coming for you, Mia, no worries

  • natasha young

    natasha young

     21 hours ago

    I LOL when you put the boots on and tried to stand up 😂😂😂

  • Livia mm

    Livia mm

     22 hours ago

    U can legit make that last one look like any animal you want😂😂 it's honestly hilarius

  • Livia mm

    Livia mm

     22 hours ago +1

    Is it just me or do you look like a teletubby in the drop-crotch one😂😂

  • Ammonia



    but.... I think the zipper was supposed to be in the front of the unitard maybe? that's why the neck was tight it was on backwards? dungaree's ? those are jeans material. LOL the drop crotch. I also love them but am confused it's a weird feeling. 😂😂😂I feel they would be comfortable. I love the jingle top. I would have worn that when I was younger

  • Ammonia



    For the leaf shoes .... RENAISSANCE FAIR girl. I also have no idea where else you would wear them hehe or halloween you could be tinkerbell or peter pan

  • Alyssa Faith Rodriguez

    Alyssa Faith Rodriguez


    The shoes are for PATRICK STARS SEXY MOMENT♀ I'm a gOoFy GoObEr! yEaH!

  • montipyton1



    If those are real point shoes with a high heal you are supposed to be wearing a a point shoe sock and gel toe pads and you’re also supposed to break the box in