The Real Reason Everyone Is Finally Turning On WWE

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 27, 2019
  • Adam Wilbourn and The Dadley Boyz discuss why everyone is turning on WWE. Live event attendance is down, Variety are writing pieces about them being out of excuses and there is finally a viable alternative. So what does the future hold?

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  • jstnsmutek


     1 months ago

    They traded the Stone Cold Steve Austin's for the John Cena's

  • znpower


     1 months ago

    Monopoly is bad for any industry.

  • Vanity's Fantasy

    Vanity's Fantasy

     1 months ago

    Well maybe they should stop being racist!

  • Steve Salas

    Steve Salas

     1 months ago

    NXT is the top brand. whoever writes for NXT should be promoted to RAW and Smackdown. This might also help out when NXT rasslers get bumped up. They won't reinvent their characters to suck on the main roster.

  • TheMojosk8


     1 months ago +1

    Just hire cm punk back

  • diarmuid mcmahon

    diarmuid mcmahon

     1 months ago

    I think it’s loads of small things that I’ve gotten to the stage of just watching ups and downs here. For instance the wrestlers themselves don’t seem to have the passion due to such scripted promos. So So many damm talk show spots. The title not being on raw for so long. Raw being to long. The burying of so many talents we actually care about and then suddenly thinking we should get behind or hate them them such as Samoa Joe. Shane mcmahon on every damm show. But the biggest thing for me is the lack of storytelling for the mid card. Not everything should be about the title. Back in the attitude era everyone seemed to have a story. I’m not saying we need hardcore or blood etc just give them a proper story with some meat on it. A large part of everyone having a storyline was factions.

  • Stephen Bayer

    Stephen Bayer

     1 months ago

    I find it funny how wwe has its commentary team say a event is sold out and you can still buy tickets for it like Michael Cole had said a week or two ago summer Slam was sold out but yet i can still get tickets for it. Shouldn't they still be trying to sell there tickets rather than claiming that a event is sold out some people may not know better and not check for them selves and just believe what wwe is telling them and think oh its sold out i guess I can't go. Now a days the wwe meaning of a sold out event is just to tarp off half the arena. I can just imagine the first time wwe started using a tarp to cover empty sections and Vince gos that looks better now it looks like we really do have a sold out show.

  • Jeremy Honeycutt

    Jeremy Honeycutt

     1 months ago

    I just got a notification for this over a week later?

  • Person Guy

    Person Guy

     1 months ago

    Saudi Arabia(where there is no women's wrestling) and Fox who is well known to cancel things quickly. Yep, they are fine for now, but they are looking a lot like WCW in the long term.

  • Grant Anderson

    Grant Anderson

     1 months ago +1

    I think "EVERYONE" is a pretty bold title.

  • D G

    D G

     1 months ago

    Fans patiently waiting ten plus years while telling WWE what they want while Vince wrote for himself giving only what he wanted to see

  • ArcaneAzmadi


     1 months ago

    AEW doesn't have to "beat" WWE. All it has to do is not screw up and shoot itself in the foot, just produce good, entertaining wrestling that does decent business, and WWE will beat itself.

  • Aiden Macleod

    Aiden Macleod

     1 months ago

    Things were different when there was the WCW, AWA and TNA brands. Then the WWF had competition, and it kept them sharp and created the Attitude Era. Now, the WWE is basically the only game in town, and as a result, the WWE has become complacent. This has led the writing to become less entertaining, even when the members of the Attitude Era make an appearance. It's just sad, really.

  • Jonathan Garza

    Jonathan Garza

     1 months ago

    they charge too damn much for tickets for live or house show. it was here in fort wayne,in it was $125 for bad seat. i'm not pay that much for that. i remember my dad, little brother and me went to wwe event in 1990s. it was cheap but nice. i would not pay $125 for that seat now.

  • kras yanev

    kras yanev

     1 months ago

    i am a diehard WWe fan mysel and i will never abandon them. u are a all just a bunch of wankers no loyalty in you whatsoever

  • robert Wright

    robert Wright

     1 months ago

    and for a company that's in this kinda downward spiral let bring back Hogan and lets bring in trump head scratcher

  • robert Wright

    robert Wright

     1 months ago

    there decline is there own fault years of not caring what fans think or want, and now there potential competition they wanna do more, to late for me at least

  • OdinWolf74


     1 months ago

    I wonder how many people have decided that they don't want to support the company, but still want to see their favorite wrestlers perform, so they find unconventional ways to watch it online? Those methods exist, and they aren't even that difficult to find.

  • Carlos Cervantes

    Carlos Cervantes

     1 months ago

    PG era killed it

  • blackrain7917


     1 months ago

    Hey governor where did u go please