Breaking in to a Locked Safe from a Storage Auction! WHAT IS INSIDE???

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 27, 2018
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     1 months ago

    As a person who creates jewelry out of old watch parts, I’m totally jealous and drooling right now, lol. Such an awesome find. WOW! CONGRATULATIONS!

  • Sarah Dossor

    Sarah Dossor

     1 months ago

    These idiots don't know what they have...... To an horologyist this stuff is worth a packet and as for chrystals??? Nit witts do you not know that watches are full of very small jewels!? Give me strength all of us that love old timepeices are dieing inside.

  • Dolce Vita

    Dolce Vita

     1 months ago

    All that noise in a confined space is not good for your ears. Also, if there is a slip and those storage doors get damaged...your profit would be lost when you have to pay for the damage. Sad how many people these days are so ignorant.

  • Rick P

    Rick P

     2 months ago +2

    American Platinum safe...

  • Donna Johnson

    Donna Johnson

     4 months ago

    guess i missed this episode. These guys really cant be that dumb. even the parts of a 200 year old pocket watch are worth a fortune.

  • Sherrell Einsig

    Sherrell Einsig

     5 months ago

    Good video Dave

  • John Dickinson

    John Dickinson

     6 months ago

    There is a market for the busted up movements, parts for Etsy artists making sreampunk items. Check it out.

  • banmadabon


     6 months ago

    Treat this stuff with care geez! A watchmaker surely will buy all in bulk for a hefty sum...But no ravaging like junkies that need to score immediately...Gold! Gold! Sad to see...

  • EEGE


     7 months ago

    Anchor could be the watch- and bracelet brand Paul Hewitt. Has same size and marks/imprints.

  • Arlo Arceo

    Arlo Arceo

     7 months ago

    Gold parts

  • Lorena Coleman

    Lorena Coleman

     7 months ago +2

    Was like watching Larry Moe and Curly....seriously! Where did you find these airheads?

  • jane peacock

    jane peacock

     7 months ago

    Can always sell me your stamped gold filled items :)

  • jane peacock

    jane peacock

     7 months ago

    From what i seen u got a lot of gold just in the gold filled items like cuff links and watch cases. For 800 gram clean gold filled you could get anywhere from 22 to 30 gram pure gold. I refine these items when most overlook them

  • Dontavious Fleming

    Dontavious Fleming

     8 months ago

    He would've had so much more views if this video wasn't so long

  • Tammy Hollia

    Tammy Hollia

     8 months ago

    Is the anchor not off a mariners watch

  • Monica Deane

    Monica Deane

     8 months ago +2

    someone on the internet makes motorcycle miniatures with old watch pieces.Pretty interesting !!

  • Terry Ketron

    Terry Ketron

     8 months ago +2

    Well... if there's ever a safe cracked at a jewelry store these fellows are not likely to be suspects. However you have to admire their tenacity and general "stick-to-itiveness". And they were working with 3 to 5 pound edged chunks of steel while wearing cloth shoes and sandals. Hmmmmm.

  • warning and fails fanny

    warning and fails fanny

     9 months ago

    Hi sar how are you I'm shahab from Pakistan

  • Lee Byron Cantara

    Lee Byron Cantara

     10 months ago +1

    If i was there...i could have just get the old watches and some of its parts....they could have sell the parts and have money...and for the watches, they could just made it as a collection or many more things that they can do with it.

  • helen riddoch

    helen riddoch

     10 months ago

    got no idea