Run a Diesel Engine on Crude Oil? Let's find out!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 15, 2018
  • Diesel engine ran on sweet and sour crude oil. Previously tested running gasoline engine to run on sour crude oil, but not straight sweet crude oil. Also, thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.
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  • Joshua steele

    Joshua steele


    Will a can of engine restore fix that blow by?

  • Matthew Brasher

    Matthew Brasher

     3 days ago

    Never had any crude oil to try but I prime all my filters with AW32 hydraulic oil. I believe it to be good for the injectors especially on HEUI systems. They sure run smooth while they are drinking on it.

  • Troy W

    Troy W

     7 days ago

    Need to try jet-a in a diesel

  • Benny The Bull

    Benny The Bull

     21 days ago

    Please do a cooking oil

  • Scott Farrell

    Scott Farrell

     1 months ago

    Can you do a test on running a diesel engine with 2 stroke oil mixed into the tank please. Apparently it runs smoother and less wear etc

  • Kelse


     1 months ago

    How come you never tried testing crude oil as an engine oil. Especial the sour crude oil which had really good lubricity

  • Hisam Jamal

    Hisam Jamal

     1 months ago

    try Light Diesel Oil

  • Joey Kendrick

    Joey Kendrick

     1 months ago

    I'd like to see if you can run a diesel engine with a gas/oil mix. The old M35A2 deuce and a halfs had "multifuel" engines that ran primarily diesel and kerosene derivatives, but In theory could also run on gasoline (however it was recommended to add a quart of motor oil to the tank of you did that.

    So I wonder if a normal diesel engine could run on a gas/oil mix?

  • themain manroot

    themain manroot

     2 months ago

    you should try petroleum jelly as engine oil

  • The177Hunter


     2 months ago

    Will an engine run on straight axe body spray?

  • Jacqueline Abad

    Jacqueline Abad

     2 months ago

    Coconut oil and soybean oil in engine

  • Nikolai Niko

    Nikolai Niko

     3 months ago

    Crude oil vs 10w30. Engine oil comparison :D

  • Jerome Paul

    Jerome Paul

     3 months ago

    Cant wait for diesel fuel additives videos

  • Me My Self and I

    Me My Self and I

     3 months ago

    I would like to see if a diesel engine would run normally on a gasoline and oil mix, like in two stroke engines. 20-1 mix low octane gasoline, and two stroke oil. The oil is as a substitute for the diesels lubricating effect.

  • Todd Burkard

    Todd Burkard

     3 months ago

    Maybe test the lubricity of adding the Diesel additives because of removing sulfur from our fuel. also the added anti-gel from adding the additives. One, in particular, I would like to see is adding 2 cycle oil to your Diesel fuel what it does for anti-gel and lubricity.but maybe add a few of the cheap to expensive from your local walmart in comparison even just the cheap synthetic 2 cycle oil from there.

  • Island Boy

    Island Boy

     3 months ago

    Crude oil varies greatly from well to well, soar crude oil simply means it has high H2S in it; it doesn't differentiate parifin, condesates, etc. Heck the same well will change in different types in any given day. But also make sure you filter the crude oil. The particulates will eventually destroy your high pressure pump and injector. However....when you smelled the sour crude oil it made me cringe. Cracking open the bottle of the soar stuff and taking a wiff can knock you out and burn your eyes. PLEASE don't get in contact with the smoke. When sulfur dioxide contacts water ie your eyes and lungs it turns to sulfuric acid. That's why wells that are soar have very high flame stacks. When pulling soar crude oil, filters don't work, special full face masks with air tanks had to be used as 100 ppm of H2S is enough to kill off your nerves in your nose ie lose sense of smell. So PLEASE PLEASE consider not using soar crude oil. I use to pull oil out in the bakan.



     4 months ago

    My farm truck is a 1983 F250 diesel engine cubic inches 420 in an emergency I have taken from an abandoned vehicle transmission fluid engine oil brake fluid power steering fluid gasoline that was remaining in the fuel tank Mixed it all together And it worked very well Naturally aspirated non Turbo In a grid down situation every abandoned vehicle will be my fuel supply

  • Let ́s Fix It

    Let ́s Fix It

     4 months ago

    How about heating oil in a diesel generator, a SHTF scenario.

  • Cilok 8108

    Cilok 8108

     4 months ago

    🙈I Love Sweet&Sour Pork with Rice,,,Lol~🐷🍚🏭🙊💕😹😘✌...

  • ജോസപ്പേ


     4 months ago

    Very informative.. sir I,m from India. Sir can I please put a video of running a Lister diesel engine using furnace oil 180 (fo180)