Restaurant Has Almost No Working Equipment | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 8, 2018
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  • ALEC.

     7 months ago

    I like how all the customers become food critics when they are on tv

  • M. Smith

     1 months ago

    They ass would have ate that frozen food if Ramsay wasn't there.

  • The Unsalted

     1 months ago

    I’m the opposite. I’d be like “hey man, hey, it’s all good to me.”

  • Suppork

     7 months ago

    “Guys can you give me two minutes, please?”-Keeps mic on, keeps ceiling camera on.

  • Victor Espino

     1 months ago

    Got em

  • hdtvcamera1

     2 months ago

    That's how reality TV works

  • Veggie

     7 months ago

    Many of the chefs Gordon deals with are pathetic, stuck up pricks who care more about defending their laziness than improving their quality of work and service. Props to Greg for being one of the more genuine chefs we've seen on the show.

  • M Yurikai

     22 days ago

    Bailey Sundstrom because he knew it’s not up to par and it discouraged him even more.

  • Bailey Sundstrom

     5 months ago

    Veggie Greg doesn’t care about what the customers say about his food and he doesn’t want to hear it

  • The Analytical Menace

     7 months ago

    Lemme get this straight: the customers have to wait 90 minutes for microwaved food? This does not make sense.

  • laser325

     5 months ago

    It's likely the customers are asked to stay by the producers for the purpose of the show.Most people would walk in less than an hour.

  • dcast1985

     5 months ago

    The Analytical Menace they had one microwave bro

  • Depressed EditzX

     7 months ago

    How can you run a restaurant without cooking tho?

  • Bryan Clark

     1 months ago


  • M P

     7 months ago

    Chef Mike never dies.

  • Sam-sung a song

     25 days ago

    Its chef mic

  • Bienna Nicole

     1 months ago

    Best Chef Award goes to Chef Mike

  • John Vo

     7 months ago

    Nothing and nobody works in the restaurant except Nino. He’s there for 25 hours and has pictures to prove it.

  • David Dalton

     5 months ago

    Hello. My names -

  • Big V

     5 months ago


  • Moisture Boi

     7 months ago

    All of these episodes are from years ago

  • promontorium

     4 months ago

    What's a YouTube channel with 3 million subscribers to do when the show it features has been cancelled for years? They want that scratch. Someone is making a lot of money off tiny clips from a gone show. Wonder if Ramsay is getting anything at all from it.

  • Skip To My Lou

     4 months ago

    No shit sherlock...

  • T&P

     7 months ago

    Jacksfilms isn't doing too well

  • Матфей

     2 months ago

    T&P me me big disappointment

  • Daniel Chai

     5 months ago

    *Klondike* *will* *like* *to* *bite* *you*

  • Zom

     7 months ago

    Her voice is annoying as hell, I give Greg props for not losing his mind years ago.

  • meghnavs _2005

     2 months ago

    Agreed. She is a fucking annoying bitch

  • Samer Aljogol

     2 months ago

    @Persona Shadow HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA